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In an exclusive collab, C&A and Cosmo exalt the spontaneity of summer

In the sea, sand, beach or asphalt, the collection has pieces that all women can use

Images courtesy of C&A

How many possibilities are there on a sunny day? To answer that question and celebrate the arrival of summer, C&A launches an exclusive collab with Cosmo, a beachwear brand from Rio de Janeiro. Beloved by celebrities, Cosmo is known for its authentic prints and modeling that values the diversity of bodies. The collection is divided into four moments that reflect the experience of enjoying the high temperatures of a day in Rio de Janeiro, until sunset. Whether in the sea, sand, shore or asphalt, the pieces feature prints, textures and models that reflect the characteristics of these scenarios and offer ways to compose creative looks by exalting the beach lifestyle.

In the sea mood it is possible to observe a palette in more earthy and bluish tones, with the landscapes of Rio stamped on the pieces and textured ribbed fabrics, which refer to the waves of the sea. The sandy mood, on the other hand, brings with it more vibrant and neon tones, which transport us to the “disco” and “flower power” aesthetics, present in the 60s and 70s. kiosk by the sea. And, finally, on the asphalt, the proposal follows a more urban trend, with dark colors, brightness and asymmetrical cuts responsible for giving the collection a more fashionista touch. In every line it is still possible to observe the fluidity of the tulle and the minimalist design, Cosmo's trademark.

Furthermore, when creating the pieces, one of the greatest cares was to think of clothes that would bring freedom and comfort so that all women would feel self-confident to enjoy the summer without any worries. After all, the particularities of each body also tell stories, as well as the style each one adopts.

“C&A believes that fashion is an expression platform that has the power to tell and participate in every moment of our lives. For this summer, we found in Cosmo Rio the ideal partner to present authentic prints on models to fully enjoy leisure time. The collab exalts and celebrates diversity with items for all bodies and beauties”, says Mariana Moraes, head of marketing at C&A.

In addition to bikinis and swimsuits, the summer collab also features T-shirts, dresses and light pants. The pieces can be found in C&A's physical stores, WhatsApp, app and e-commerce, and will be available from R$69.90.


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