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Influencer Laís Cristina leaves a special message for Women's month

"don't settle for less than you deserve"

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Laís Cristina, an influencer from Minas Gerais who was recently enjoying Carnival in Rio, at Sapucaí, left a special message for Women's month. In her message, the influencer, who is often seen with some celebrities like Tati Minerato and Gabriela Versiani, asked that women fight for their rights and never let themselves be beaten down by anyone who tries to diminish them.

“It is still difficult to deal with gender inequality, but I leave here my message so that women do not accept less than what they really deserve and worked hard to have, and much less that they try to diminish their victories and achievements, as these always come through a lot of effort and dedication to prove every day how good we are at what we do”, said Laís.

The blogger, who shares content about routine, lifestyle, fitness life, health and well-being on her social networks, also congratulated all her female companions. “I want to wish all women a very special month for us, who are feisty, resistant, who always face life's obstacles with gratitude and head held high, because we are strong and courageous. Our day is every day ”, she finished her.


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