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Invitation from Larissa Mocelin: Christian, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Lawyer, and Influencer

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Christian, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Lawyer, and Influencer. Devotes her life to being a reference when it comes to materializing, solidifying, and bringing to life a project, starting with an idea and giving it shape, positioning, direction, and brilliance.

Among her many abilities, Larissa possesses the expertise to propel and motivate people to give their best with what they already have at hand. She achieves this through the digital realm and other ventures like Mocelin Advogadas, a law firm specializing in Business Law and Corporate Governance, and Mocelin Create, a Digital Marketing and Content agency, where she also engages in brand management for companies or media personalities in Brazil and abroad. Additionally, she is the founder of "Ambassadors of the Kingdom", a Ministry that promotes the application of Christian scripture principles in life and business.

In a world with so many pathways to reach the long-awaited destination, Larissa believes in a singular way out and has decided to share it with the world. Seven years ago, amidst changes, uncertainties, sweat, and tears, she began writing her book. Creating a guide that will lead you to find a map to piece together the puzzle, how to put your house in order, and discover the key to finally breaking free from what holds you captive.

In "The Way Out" ("A Saída" in Portuguese) Larissa Mocelin guides us through her personal journey with an intimate and captivating language, igniting a long-dimmed flame within us, illuminating our inner power, allowing us to see the facts as they truly are, and finding the path to the exit by realizing that the key has always been in our hands.

This is an INVITATION to join the launch event on August 14th, 2023, at 7:00 PM, at Livraria da Vila, located in Shopping JK Iguatemi (Brasil).

Larissa Mocelin

Larissa Mocelin - Instagram Oficial @larissamocelin

Press - Gio Prates @gio.prates


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