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Larissa Cerqueira: The Multitalented Force in Music and Influence

Photos: Marcos Oliveira - @marcosoliveirafoto

Make and Hair: @djlarissacerqueira

Production : @mota_samia / @wictordepaula

Stylist: @anaqqq_

Design Director: @mathlopes

Our cover guest for the 'Artist' edition stands out wherever she goes. Meet Larissa Cerqueira. From her electrifying DJ sets to her online influence, Larissa is a true powerhouse, captivating audiences around the world.

With seven years of experience behind the turntables, Larissa's DJ career reads like a world tour itinerary. From the bustling cities of Brazil to the vibrant stages of Europe and the United States, she puts on a show wherever she goes. Sharing the stage with renowned artists like Maiara e Maraisa, Gustavo Lima, and Zé Neto e Cristiano.

In addition to her musical talent, Larissa's influence extends into the digital realm. With a decade of internet experience, she has built a dedicated fan base by sharing her journey, dreams, and everyday life. From humble beginnings in Uberlândia, Larissa's authenticity and determination shine through.

As Larissa embarks on the next chapter of her journey, she remains unstoppable in her pursuit of excellence. With new music and exciting projects underway, her audience eagerly awaits the next evolution of this extraordinary talent.

Check out the exclusive interview we conducted with Larissa:

1: How has your journey been over the past seven years as a DJ, from your early steps to major international shows and your residency in Dubai? What were the biggest challenges you faced along the way?

It's been incredible and quite challenging. From the beginning, I've always worked alone and been the key to my success. I've always enjoyed taking the lead in everything, from releasing music to booking shows. Many people don't know, but I took the lead on all my international tours. Of course, now I have a team that helps me, people I trust and have invested in to be by my side. Being an international DJ, I needed a team that matched my ambitions. Few people know that during this process, I had to give up a lot to get where I wanted to be. I had to sacrifice special dates, moments with family, and all the fun of my teenage years with friends. With that, I often felt very alone most of the time. However, when I step onto the stage, everything comes to life, and it all becomes worth it.
My biggest challenges, without a doubt, were being a DJ and a woman in the music industry, where the majority are men. I've experienced a lot of humiliation and, above all, underestimation in my work. I've earned much less than a man simply because I'm a woman, especially in countries with extremely misogynistic cultures like Dubai, being a Muslim country. I've faced a lot of harassment in various forms because people couldn't differentiate between the personality of the DJ and Larissa, who stands out on stage.

2: You mentioned that you started your career on the internet by sharing your daily life. How did this transition to being a digital influencer affect your DJ career? And how do you balance these two aspects of your professional life?

Actually, my career as an influencer came first and was essential in helping my DJ career because people already knew me and admired Larissa Cerqueira. But I confess that balancing these two completely opposite professions has always been a challenge. If you think about it, the DJ lives at night, and the influencer during the day. As an influencer, I need to post and share my life from the moment I wake up until I go to bed, have routines, posting schedules, record advertisements. As a DJ, there's no such thing as routine; things change all the time. One day I'm in Brazil, the next I could be on the other side of the world, in a different time zone, with a different culture. It sounds crazy, but I love it, being able to say good morning in Brazil and good night in Dubai, for example. However, it's extremely challenging to maintain both professions and succeed in both. That's why over these 7 years, I've focused more on my DJ career. Now, I feel it's time to focus more on my career as an influencer because I'm in a different phase. But that doesn't mean I'll abandon music or not leave a legacy because I will, you can count on that. There's a lot coming!

3: Your music released on KondZilla achieved great success with 10 million views in just one year, without any investment. What is the story behind this release, and how do you see the relationship between your online presence and your music career?

"The two of us sitting together" came from a joke that we took very seriously. I've always been deeply involved with music and lived for it. I decided to release this song with my best friend, who lacked the encouragement to start this dream of entering the music industry. We decided to release it together to strengthen each other and help each other out. We didn't have much capital, let alone investors. So, I can say that the reason for such success was God first and also the power of our minds in wanting it to succeed so badly. Before releasing it, we visualized a number in our minds and firmly believed, using the law of attraction, that we would reach that number in 1 year. Every day, we did our part, posting the music, asking people to record and share, and so it went. We aimed for the number 7, 7 million in 1 year with no investment, and God was so generous, and the universe surprised us. But don't think it was that simple. We did our part, and I thank the universe for doing its.

4: In addition to your successes as a DJ and influencer, you also mentioned other jobs, such as modeling and portraying Disney characters at children's parties. How have these experiences contributed to your journey and professional growth?

It was my start on the internet, and I'm very grateful for that time and phase because they allowed me to get here. It was because of that that I discovered my true calling and my life's purpose, to live for art. Art is as present in my daily life as it is in my life; I'm an artist from the kitchen to the stage. Being an artist is that; you literally live for art and are completely passionate about what you do.

5: You spoke about your humble roots and your determination to pursue your dreams. How have these experiences shaped your approach to life and work? And what advice would you give to those starting out in the music and digital influencer industries?

One piece of advice I would give is: trust the process and your dreams; nothing belongs to us more than our dreams. This is so real! And never compare yourself to others; people show on the internet what they want you to see, much of it isn't what it seems. Hardly anyone shows the process behind it all and their daily struggles, and especially the price to pay for those dreams or achievements. They're just concerned with showing their results and showcasing their best version. The fact that I come from a humble and simple background was crucial in shaping who I am. It's important to always remember your roots and the reason why you started all of this. My foundation being God first and my family helped me never to go against my principles and to respect everyone's space without stepping on anyone to achieve my goals.

6: How do you see the future of your career, both in music and as an influencer? Is there any specific project or goal you would like to achieve in the coming years?

I believe I still have a long way to go, but I am very grateful for everything I have achieved so far. There's still a lot more to come, and I confess I'm in the best phase of my life right now. Focused on my work more than ever, but primarily on myself. I'm in a process of discovering my best version, physically and mentally; I'm rediscovering myself, and this process is very exciting. For many years, I put my work first and hid behind the DJ personality. Now, I feel it's time to focus more on myself and show that to everyone. I want people to know the real Larissa, not just the DJ or the influencer, but the girl who came from the countryside and believed her dreams were possible and went out there and made them happen. However, I want to show my essence, what is most precious inside me. I'm excited to show this new chapter to everyone.


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