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Larissa Mocelin: Inspiring Transformations and Making History


Photo: Caio Razz
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In this special edition of Hooks Magazine, we delve into a fascinating journey, a story of courage, determination, and positive impact. Larissa Mocelin, the captivating figure gracing the cover of our August "Brazil" edition, is much more than a successful entrepreneur. She is a symbol of versatility, an unwavering quest for achievement, and an unshakable belief in the power of action.

Larissa is a true modern-day trailblazer. Her influence spans multiple spheres, from law to digital influence, forging deep connections with each. Her versatility mirrors an insatiable passion for pushing boundaries and redefining standards. Her non-negotiable commitment is to transform ideas into tangible projects, inspiring those around her to reach their utmost potential.

At the heart of her entrepreneurial journey lies Mocelin Lawyers, a firm that reshapes standards. Larissa spearheads an innovative approach to solving business matters, cultivating authentic connections. With Mocelin Create, Larissa redefines branding. The Digital Marketing agency delves into brand essences, focusing on brand intelligence and purposeful branding.

Her faith propels her multifaceted journey. Leading the "Ambassadors of the Kingdom" Ministry, Larissa bridges biblical principles with everyday life, reflecting steadfast values.

Larissa also marks a new chapter with "A Saída" (The Exit), her debut book. After seven years of reflection, she invites readers to explore their own journeys of overcoming challenges.

Photo: Kevin Rodrigues

Check out the exclusive interview now:

1. What was the pivotal moment that led you to embark on such a diverse and impactful entrepreneurial path?

I believe it was a series of moments, actually. Things unfolded in a very natural way. I started with the Law Office. A year later, I had the opportunity to partner with a very competent Designer, which allowed me to open the Marketing Agency. Five years later, I converted to Christianity, and the Ambassadors of the Kingdom was born in this context. My life as an influencer is intertwined with all of this. It's more a way for me to express myself than anything else.

2. How do you balance your various endeavors, from the law office to digital influence, while staying true to your values and beliefs?

By having good people by my side. That's the secret to becoming more dispensable. Companies are like newborns. In the beginning, they require more effort, and as they grow, if you've rooted them in good values and created a strong culture, they gain greater autonomy.
Mocelin Lawyers

3. Mocelin Lawyers is known for its innovative approach in the field of Corporate Law and Corporate Governance. How does this approach align with your commitment to effective solutions and positive outcomes?

Mocelin Lawyers has a significant advantage, which is working closely with its clients. We genuinely immerse ourselves in their challenges and seek the best available solutions for them. The goal is always to consider the entire business, not just a part of the problem. Corporate Governance is a very serious matter, and when approached attentively and preventively, it greatly facilitates business operations.

Mocelin Create

4. How does Mocelin Create go beyond conventional marketing strategies to empower brands and personalities to live according to their purpose and essence?

By investing a significant amount of time in laying the foundation for the brand. Just like a building, a brand needs to be constructed with solid foundations. That's why we place considerable emphasis on understanding the business (not just the brand), the founders, and the brand's future vision, in order to materialize in the present what is often just an idea. We love delving deep into brands, bringing their dreams to life.

Família Larissa

5. How does the "Ambassadors of the Kingdom" Ministry manage to blend biblical principles with the business and everyday world, contributing to the formation of a more conscious and compassionate mindset?

We believe in a being that is whole and unified. For a long time, it was believed that only individuals with ecclesiastical positions were serving God in the "correct" way. Biblically, everything we do should be to glorify the name of Jesus, and as ambassadors of Christ, we have the authority to establish the Kingdom of God wherever we are. This belief permeates both the business realm and our daily lives, fostering a more mindful and compassionate mindset.

Photo: Kevin Rodrigues

6. The release of your book "A Saída" (The Exit) is a remarkable milestone in your journey. Could you tell us more about how this book offers personal guidance and practical ways for overcoming challenges and growth?

Certainly! You know, it took years of maturation and encounters with my past selves, seeking solutions for personal growth that would be relatable to most people. I transitioned from a state I consider as lacking in terms of emotional and spiritual resources and managed to attain prosperity in these aspects. Clearly, life is a path filled with twists and turns, not solely a destination, but "A SAÍDA" aims to present some passageways and reveal that the key has always been in our hands.


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