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Lilly Sarti SPFW n54 /PHOTOS Marcelo Soubhia @agfotosite

Summer 2023 Lilly Sarti brings the Lilly Sarti Desires capsule, an ethnic superlative that reinforces one of the strongest signatures of the brand. From the Incas of Peru to the Azeris of Azerbaijan, the weaves, profusion of colors and textures represent pure textile and visual richness. Each one, in its own way, ends up having a sacred bias, as they celebrate techniques and cultures passed down in an ancestral way.

Combining opposing concepts of ancestry and futurism, Inca prints and ethnic jacquards are accompanied by metallic details that recall the futurism of the 60s. The sophistication of georgette combined with Inca design forms the noble basis of a clearly hybrid collection.

Following the brand's DNA, the collection features jacquards that, in a contemporary and special way, maintain the beauty of the textures. Ecological, with part of its threads recycled from PET bottles, the jacquards were developed with an exclusive design, composed of a free interpretation of Azerbaijani tapestry. The richness of the technique provides beauty even on the reverse side of the fabric.

The choice of the mineral pyrite, one of the most powerful stones for attracting prosperity, was the way to bring about the balance that the stone itself promotes, of body, mind and spirituality alignment.

The shape mix of the Summer 2023 collection remains strongly aligned with the brand's purpose, to dress women without stereotypes. A vibrant, almost “lysergic” atmosphere permeates the collection, with a palette ranging from earthy tones such as ochre, hazelnut, brick and ruby red, to vibrant shades of lilac, lolipop pink, pistachio and sky blue.


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