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Lyli Brook: Hair loss solution extracted from her experience


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Lyli Brook is a determined and authentic entrepreneur. Through her personal experience with hair loss, she sought solutions for the challenges she was facing and successfully provided a solution for many people who suffer from this problem. The Brava Brook line has already become a success in hair treatment and continues to gain popularity among the demanding audience seeking effective results. The vitamins deliver satisfactory results to those who use the products. The line features an Italian formula and is already appreciated by many people in various countries.

She has always been aware that achieving her dreams and goals requires great determination, and she spared no effort in persistence and dedication to make Brava Brook a reference in hair care.

It is no secret that both men and women currently struggle with hair problems, and the causes are diverse. Stress and poor nutrition can trigger unpleasant effects on the scalp. Having beautiful and healthy hair is much more than just appearance. Hair often becomes part of a person's identity, especially for women. Hair loss issues can significantly impact a person's self-esteem. Thus, there is a clear connection between healthy hair and self-esteem.

For the first time on HOOKS, she shares a little bit of her story. Join us!

01 - Lyli, to get to know you better, could you reveal to us the three words that best describe you?

"The three words that best define me are: persistence, courage, and dedication."

02 - You are the founder of one of the most innovative brands of health and beauty products, Brava Brook. This hair care line has an Italian formula and is already sold in various countries, right? Tell us more about how the interest in developing hair products came about.

"I founded Brava Brook with the main objective of helping men and women regain their self-esteem. Having hair problems can be distressing. I experienced the pain of intense hair loss due to stress. In other words, I went through that phase and managed to extract positive outcomes from it, even though it wasn't pleasant for my self-esteem. The formula was developed by an Italian pharmacist in Italy, and today the vitamin is consumed by people from various countries in Europe, Latin America, and the United Arab Emirates. Soon, it will be available worldwide!"

03 - How did your journey to become such a disciplined and admired entrepreneur begin?

"It started when the existing products on the market didn't meet my needs. Fragrance, texture, results, among other characteristics, didn't satisfy me. I always dreamed of having my own hair care line because I love taking care of my hair. I confess that I'm a very demanding woman, and I used that demand for my hair care line. I'm very proud of it! Two years ago, I founded Brava Brook. The first product in the line was Brava Hair, a hair vitamin. Today, I feel very fulfilled because people can consume a hair vitamin and use innovative products that truly provide excellent results!"

04 - Lyli, you are a very determined woman in what you set out to do. What motivates you to fight for your goals?

"My biggest motivation is knowing that I bring change to people's lives. With my formula, I restore self-confidence, self-esteem, and awaken self-care. Providing the feeling of well-being, in other words, making people feel good and happy, is truly gratifying and enjoyable for me! And I'll share one more of my accomplished goals: after many research and tests, we will have another wonderful new product, specifically for the body. You'll love it!"

05 - Through your Instagram, it's evident that you take great pride in your appearance. Could you share some self-care practices that you engage in?

"I prioritize my health a lot. I have a very healthy diet because I'm lactose intolerant. I have always been selective about the foods I consume. I work out three times a week. Lymphatic massages are very important to me, and I have them twice a week to reduce fluid retention. Today, I no longer struggle with that issue, thanks to a combination of herbal tea intake and massages. A very enjoyable self-care moment for me is my skincare day. And, of course, I can't forget about the essential hair care routine."

06 - In your journey, have there been any moments when you thought about giving up?

"Yes, in the beginning, everything was very new to me, and there was a lot of bureaucracy involved. It took about a year to find the exact balance needed to create the perfect formula. But I always remembered the main reasons why I had to keep going: to help people who have or will have various hair problems similar to mine. I experienced a severe hair loss, and as I mentioned before, the existing vitamins on the market didn't work for me. I needed something specific that could solve my problem quickly! My main objective is to help people restore their self-confidence, regain the joy of taking care of themselves, and love themselves again! I want the world to know about my products and have this self-care experience. My aim is to positively impact many people with self-care and encourage them to invest more in themselves."

07 - Who is the target audience for Brava Brook? What can customers expect when using Brava Brook products?

"Brava Brook is for individuals over 18 years old. It is suitable for both women and men; it's not exclusive to any gender. Customers can expect results, and I guarantee they will see them if they use the products as recommended. Within the first month, the initial results are already visible. Just one capsule a day can lead to reduced hair loss, accelerated hair growth, stronger hair and nails, among other benefits. Because that's exactly what we look for when we need to solve a problem or alleviate discomfort—everyone seeks results. I recommend a minimum treatment period of three months, as the body needs time to showcase nourished, visibly shiny, and healthy hair."

08 - Last but not least, if you could display a message on a billboard, what would it say?

"Invest in yourself! People need to realize that to help others, we must be well ourselves, as only then can we truly assist others. Therefore, the best investment we can make is in ourselves."


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