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Meet Josmary Pontes, the young entrepreneur with a strong and admirable personality

Photos: @photzmuller - Leandro Müller

Look: @luccass. Andrade

Josmary Pontes is a determined woman in everything she sets out to do. Born in Venezuela, but her parents are Brazilian, the beautiful brunette exudes beauty and charisma. She says that she didn't have great prospects in her childhood and adolescence and that didn't stop her from fighting for a better life. She reports that a large part of her family is made up of miners, very simple people and there were no financial facilities, and instead of complaining, she always wanted to provide a better future for herself and her family.

When he was approximately 10 years old, he went to live in English Guyana (British) with his parents, since until then he had lived in Brazil under the love and care of his grandmother. So, from the age of 10 to 17, she dedicated herself to her studies. Even at a very young age, at the age of 16, she noticed that being an entrepreneur could be a promising future, and today she is proud to manage the family business. The young woman experienced several opportunities in her life, and never liked to waste chances, she always lived intensely and does not regret it. She also says that she has already done some theater workshops with Marcio Augusto Fonseca, which she is very grateful for, and then went to study theater at CAL-RJ.

Josmary has always been a very curious person, and used her curiosity to her advantage. Because she always wanted to know more, she realized that the act of traveling made her even happier. Thus, knowing different languages, cuisines, cultures and customs is already part of her life. She also reveals that she is an admirer of arts and staging, and intends to dedicate herself to an acting career one day.

It was on her move to English Guyana (British) that she became even more interested in travel, as she noticed that this place is very different from Venezuela. Even at school she was able to meet people of different nationalities, different habits, and that enchanted her and since then knowing the world has been part of her life.

“Making scripts, packing bags, meeting people satisfies me,” she says.

In her very busy life she had to deal with and overcome depression. She declares that she had very distressing moments in her life, but with perseverance and help from God, family and friends, she managed to go through sad phases and today she contemplates life with more enthusiasm.

“Depression was something that woke me up to life,” he says.

It was by going through sad phases that she was able to recognize even more what made her happy, she was able to identify her purpose and today she feels very blessed and fulfilled.

Perseverance and dedication were always present in his life. “I've always been very focused on what I want and especially on what I have to do to get where I want to be,” she says. She makes it clear that she thinks it's very important that people don't just dwell on desire, action is fundamental. “It's not because your family didn't provide you with a favorable condition that everything will become more difficult. It's just you want it, "she reports.

She is currently studying nutrition, and the choice of course was not random. Josmary says that she has already beaten obesity and was even a bodybuilder. She managed to help her mother also with obesity and that makes her very fulfilled. She aims to be able to work helping people, that is, contributing positively to the lives of many people. The future nutritionist is always in search of knowledge to be able to provide the best for her future patients.

She values good health very much. For her, having a good quality of life should be everyone's goal. Being able to help people live better is something that makes her happy. She also declares that she likes to challenge herself, so she realizes that she can go beyond what she thought. It is clear, therefore, that planning and acting are characteristics present in her life.

For her, knowing that she is an inspiration to other people makes her very happy. On her Instagram @josmarypontes she shares her routine, hobbies, trips, tastes and much more. “I have a very strong connection with my audience. My followers motivate me to be better every day”, she says. And she makes it clear that people shouldn't be afraid to achieve wealth and prosperity, they should want to build a wonderful future. The young entrepreneur makes a point of mentioning that the barriers imposed on the mind cannot stop anyone from acting, and people should not label or limit themselves. She knows that the future is not what just happens, that is, it is not just a succession of facts, it is necessary to make it happen.

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