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Meet Pamela Duarte, a specialist in Digital Marketing who has been making waves on social networks

Photos Allan Santana

Pamela Duarte is an enterprising woman, graduated in Marketing, who started her journey at the age of 13, when she opened her sweets company, Doce Mundo. At age 16, he started in paid traffic to increase sales of his own business and, over time, he made this skill his profession. In 2018, she was chosen among 30 people from all over Brazil to participate in the first Google Agency Academy, from which she graduated during the following two years. Since then, he has worked in large advertising agencies (DDWB, S8 WOW, Agência Mestre, Sparta Launches), where he managed traffic for all media and social networks.

It has already served large e-commerce and B2B clients, such as Livelo, Marisa, Wella, Optima, Tilibra, Post2b, ​​Pedijá, among others. In addition, he also acted in the releases of well-known influencers in the market, such as Paulo Cuenca, Breno Perrucho, Danilo Zanini, Nando Garcia and many others, who earned multiple seven-figures, being responsible for managing more than 35 million reais in paid traffic, for more than 300 clients from different niches. She was also invited to mentor paid traffic within the course of one of the biggest references as an actress in the country, Giovanna Antonelli.


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