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Model Angélica Lino tells a little about her trajectory and how she overcame challenges in her life



MODEL: ANGÉLICA LINO @dream_big_enjoy_life

TEAM HOOKS ISSUE MEXICO: @mathlopes @directorhooks @diasnubia


Angélica Lino de Carvalho is a model who learned from an early age how to overcome the challenges of her profession and takes pride in never giving up. In addition to modeling, she also works in Real Estate and is originally from Sabará, Minas Gerais, affectionately called Angel.

She acknowledges that moving to a new country brings many challenges, but believes that setbacks along the way should not paralyze us and that challenges should be overcome. With her perseverance, focus, discipline, and courage, Angel has already achieved many dreams and accomplishments in her life.

She knows that the achievements so far are the result of her effort and dedication and is determined to continue working to achieve even more. Consistency, resilience, and persistence are the hallmark characteristics of Angel's successful journey.

Come get to know her better!

1- Currently, do you live in Mexico, right? Did you have any difficulties adapting to this country? If so, could you tell us?

"Living in a country different from your nationality and customs is a little difficult, yes. At first, it may seem a bit overwhelming, but with calmness and persistence, things start to work out. The language, culture, cuisine, and habits are quite different. But I knew how to deal with the situation and adapted, and today I feel very happy in Mexico. I am fluent in three languages and I am proud to have already visited several countries."

2- Angélica, how did your journey in the modeling career begin?

"Still in my teenage years, around 17, I was spotted/discovered by a scout who entered me in the Miss Campinas contest. After 5 months, I already had an international contract and worked in several countries such as Korea, Milan, the United States, Turkey, Greece, and currently in Mexico. For me, leaving my home country so young and alone made me mature. I learned to be independent and value this learning a lot."

3- For many people, living in another country only has advantages. For you, is this statement true? Are there also challenges?

"No, living in a new country is not just about 'living wonders,' as many people think it is. There are many sacrifices and lessons to be learned. I recognize that there are many opportunities, but there are also challenges. Persistence and resilience are crucial in the process."

4- Was it difficult to make the decision to live outside Brazil?

"It wasn't easy. Being away from family, friends, and having new customs isn't a very nice task. But with persistence and courage, I made it. I'm very grateful to God for all the opportunities he has given me. Today, I feel very fulfilled and proud of my choices."

5- How would you describe yourself in a few words?

"I am a courageous, affectionate, cheerful, and very lively person. I am passionate about life."

6- Angel, in her journey, did you have a moment when you considered giving up?

"I have thought about it, yes, but I made sure to remember the reasons that led me there, and then, quickly, I would regain the desire to win, to achieve my goals."

7- Last question, but not least important: if you could display a message on a billboard, what would it be?

"Always believe in your dreams. With faith and determination, you can achieve whatever you desire."


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