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Reference of Brazilianness, Havaianas records campaign with Vitão in Vidigal, in Rio de Janeiro

In a shooting inspired by the Brasil Core trend, the brand brought together models and ordinary people from the favela itself to show different looks with Havaianas products and reinforce the brand in the mood of the moment; the Digital campaign will run on digital channels until December.

Havaianas shotting Vitão/Lema press release

São Paulo, November 2022 - Currently, social networks are by far one of the places that most dictate fashion. And based on this great platform, Creators and influencers use their powers on the networks to launch the next trends. Recently, in published videos and photos, the trend that has drawn the most attention is Brasil Core or Brasil Aesthetic, which consists of wearing clothes and accessories with our country's symbols and colors.

Taking advantage of this moment, Havaianas invited singer Vitão to participate in the brand's digital campaign in homage to Brasil Core, photographed on Morro do Vidigal, in Rio de Janeiro, at the beginning of the month.

“Feating the campaign with Havaianas was wonderful and being able to show all the Brazilianness with the sun, nature, bright colors and all the diversity being in Rio de Janeiro was very important, because there I feel at home. So, this partnership with Havaianas was fun and true, I was able to make a lot of friends and end the campaign in the most Brazilian way possible, doing a rolezão to celebrate this wonderful partnership”, says Vitão.

Havaianas, which is a reference of Brazilianness in the world, knows that this trend is not new around here. In 1998, during the games in France, the brand launched the famous Havaianas Brasil with the country's flag on the strip and fillets with green and yellow colors on the sole. In limited edition, the product was a success among fans, mainly in the international market and the model was promptly incorporated into the portfolio and remains until today.

“Havaianas has Brasil Core in its essence, always with references to Brazil in our products and in our communications. Over the 60 years of the brand, what remains intact is our connection with the country and, even more, with Brazilians. Havaianas reflects the ginga, simplicity, welcoming, free and colorful way of our people. This campaign delivers on all of that and goes beyond, we climbed Vidigal to honor the residents of the Brazilian favelas who appropriated the colors of our flag long before it became fashionable as it has become today”, says Mariana Rhormens, marketing director for Havaianas Brasil.

Campaign fact sheet

Advertiser: Havaianas

Title: Brasil Core

Territory: Brazil

Agency: Motto +

Account Director & CEO: Leandro Matulja

Account Manager: Vanessa Vieira

Services and Project Manager: Felipe Klingelhoefer Santos

Fashion Coordinator: Renata Bastos

Fashion Producer: Gabriela Yachimciuc

Digital PR Manager: Leandro Dário

Digital PR: Alessandra da Silva and Thiago Rodrigues

Digital PR Assistant: Teixom

PR Coordinator: Marcos Morelli

PR Officer: Carolina Castelo and Mariana Lima

Producer: As Meninas Productions

Executive Production: Julia Morelli and Barbara Bicudo

Art Direction: Luciano Schmitz

Photographer: Pedro Napolinario

Photo assistant: Daniel Sulima

Photo assistant: Marcio Marcolino

Director: Rodrigo Siqueira

Director of Photography: Rodrigo Siqueira

Assistant director: Beatriz Vedovato

Editor: Rodrigo Siqueira

Color Grading: Arthur Staneck

1 Assistant: Fernando Machado

2 Assistant: Anderson Batista

Drone Op: Yan Felipe

Making off: Gabriela Dall'agnol

Production Location: Wendel França (Piu)

Styling: Lucas Magno

Makeup and Hair: Gabriel Gomez

Service: Karina Amabile

Customer approval: Camila Fogaça Vieira, Renata Cerolini, Mayte Camargo, Kelviane Lima, Aline Botelho


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