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Reserva aims to reduce the environmental impact and launches a collection with hemp jeans

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Reserva, in partnership with Vicunha, the largest denim textile company in Latin America and the third largest in the world, launches its Hemp Denim collection, a line of products with hemp jeans. The material is considered one of the most durable and environmentally responsible. Reserva affirms its commitment to more sustainable means of production in its products and aims to bring about a launch with low environmental impact and responsibility.

Hemp is a plant that belongs to the same family of Cannabis Sativa, differing by its chemical profile, containing low THC content, the main psychoactive compound of the plant. The fiber is considered a high-yield natural raw material, as its cultivation produces much more fiber per acre compared to other fibers, thus resulting in less water and land use in its plantation, in addition to containing a natural system that helps in recovery. of the soil in which it was cultivated, contributing to a sustainable cycle.

For the composition of the fabrics used in the collection, Reserva used a mixture of cotton and hemp fiber, bringing benefits from both raw materials, hemp brings greater durability and resistance to the piece, complemented by the comfort of cotton. The collection will consist of pants, jackets and accessories in hemp jeans, resulting in pieces that have a touch similar to linen, making the piece more malleable and comfortable to the touch.

The products will be available on the Reservation website from the 29th of November. The pieces can also be found at the physical points of sale of the Reserve. To learn more, follow Reserva on its social media @reserva and on its website.


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