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Reserva Go releases Yankee sneaker, with aesthetics focused on streetwear

The sneaker brings a new interpretation to classics with a more modern and imposing look.

Reserva Go, a footwear and accessories brand of Reserva, launches Yankee, a modern and urban sneaker that follows the trend of revisiting classics. With a retro look that flirts with modernity, it brings sophistication and grandeur to outfits with its unique design, promising to be a must-have for casual and daring moments.

Inspired by the "jogging" models of the 70s and 80s, the Yankee brings a new concept through the prominent feature of the shoe, the sole. With a higher height and large, spaced-out pins and teeth, the model stands out for a more aggressive, strong and disruptive look, but without losing comfort and softness.

The Yankee is the brand's second bet, after the Spriz, in the world of sneakers. The term in English is attributed to sneakers that go beyond the ordinary, carrying history behind their differentiated design. These shoes gained popularity from the 80s in basketball and hip-hop scenes and are currently a desire of sneakerheads in this culture.

In this new look at classics, Reserva Go updates the model for its current moment. With a clean look, the Yankee can please all tastes, in addition to following a line of fashion trends that help in building a bold look.

To learn more about the sneaker and other models, follow the brand on its social networks @reserva_go and through the e-commerce: Link.


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