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Richard Harary conquers the USA the Brazilian way

Disclosure Richard

Richard is one of those CEOs who we often say is "outside the box", who sees beyond market projections and, despite his success and revenue, proves daily that his great success lies in a purposeful heart. Richard Harary added that he receives hundreds of pitches about opening new businesses and Brazilian companies that want to go to the USA. Harary sees consulting on new projects as a life purpose, far beyond business, but within a few seconds he already knows whether he will enter as a partner-investor or not.

Richard is the CEO of Marco Corporation, a holding company with more than 16 companies, including Macrobaby, the largest baby gear store in Orlando.

Richard is known as "the American shark" because of his highly relevant investments in Florida, and as a result, he received a proclamation from the mayor of Orlando with an exclusive date on the city's calendar, March 6th.

Richard was once the second-largest seller on eBay in the USA, but it all started with just $7,000 invested in a luggage store when he was 18. Unlike other entrepreneurs, Richard mapped out who his ideal customers were and decided to build a partnership with airlines for luggage replacement, which is how he gained a foothold and built his first million at the age of 23 by entering the real estate business.

Today, the $7,000 has turned into over $100 million annually with companies in various niches.

But all of this is just a summary of the life of this Brazilian who arrived in the US at the age of 18 and carries a story of great success thanks to his philosophy of life with a strong purpose.

Richard is a visionary who sees opportunities where people usually don't see possibilities. That's how he created Macrobaby, after noticing a demand with the birth of his first child, in addition to all his other companies.

Today, he helps entrepreneurs increase profitability, create companies from scratch, or restructure their existing businesses.

Richard helps various businesses to recover with his innovative ideas associated with his vast network. One example was the case of a mattress store that needed help increasing sales. Richard realized that there was high demand in 2 specific sectors: hotels and universities. So, based on his idea, he connected the business owner with university rectors and hotel owners to exchange mattresses. This is just one of the cases!

Not to mention his popularity, as he is loved by various celebrities such as Fábio de Melo, Alok, Xuxa, Ivete Sangalo, Simone and Kaká Diniz, Jojo Toddynho, Thammy, and many others that would be impossible to mention.