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She traded her lab coat for an apron! Meet Bruna Cavichiolo

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She gave up Medicine to follow her heart. Doing what she loves! Her journey into the world of pastry began amidst the pandemic. 'It was through a difficult time that I discovered this love!'

Her dream was to pursue medicine. Bruna dedicated herself, studied hard, and succeeded! She was accepted into medical school, and then the pandemic hit. During this time, she started baking cakes for her family, and a new passion began to emerge.

Today, Bruna dedicates herself entirely to pastry, where she performs beautiful work with quality and lots of flavor! With an exquisite menu, she specializes in cakes, sweets, and macarons.

"Today, I feel fulfilled, with my work making a difference in the lives of many people through unique moments."



+55 41 9 84095431 (She only serves in Brazil)


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