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Sofia Mir: The Enchantment of Skating and the Determination to Conquer the World


Sofia Mir na Hooks Magazine
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Sofia Mir, the three-time Brazilian champion of figure skating and global adventurer. In this special edition of our magazine, we are pleased to delve into the inspiring life and extraordinary journey of this woman who is conquering the world with her courage, determination, and passion for life.

From her exotic travels to the paradise islands of Thailand to her unparalleled triumphs in figure skating, Sofia Mir shares with us the moments that have shaped her soul and propelled her beyond limits. Through an exclusive interview, we unveil the secrets behind her pursuit of excellence and her tireless dedication to the sport she loves.

But Sofia Mir is not just an outstanding athlete; she is also a selfless soul who uses her platform to make a positive impact on the world. Her philanthropic work, from beach cleaning projects in Thailand to activities with children and young people with special needs in Spain, demonstrates how beauty goes beyond appearances.

In addition to all this, discover Sofia Mir's future plans and her dream of founding an institution focused on social integration, where artistic expression and sports come together to provide opportunities for children and young people, regardless of their differences.

Sofia Mir na Hooks Magazine

Get ready to be enchanted by Sofia Mir's captivating story as she takes us on an inspiring journey of overcoming challenges, pursuing passion, and finding purpose. Check out the full interview below:

1. How was the experience of making the decision to leave Brazil at 18 and live abroad?

I love facing challenges! Especially because I have been an athlete for so many years, I got used to traveling extensively throughout the country and cultivating my own independence from an early age. To move abroad, you have to be prepared with a lot of courage to embrace a new life, with cultures, people, places, and sensations completely different from what you're accustomed to.

2. What inspired you to travel alone to Thailand at the age of 18, and how did that experience change your perspective on life?

That was a turning point in my life! And it's a story I love to tell... As a teenager, I followed travel bloggers and websites, and at 17, I found a discounted ticket to Thailand and bought it without even telling my parents! Right after I turned 18, I told them and embarked on a journey one week later to celebrate my 18th birthday by traveling alone with a backpack for 15 days, exploring the paradise islands of Southeast Asia! In that experience, I could see life through different eyes, living something completely unexpected that made me reflect on what I truly wanted for my future...

Sofia Mir na Hooks Magazine

3. How was it to leave college in Brazil to move to Spain? What were the challenges and benefits of this change?

When I returned from my backpacking trip in Thailand, I wanted to drop out of college and travel the world! I believe that with every choice we make, we also encounter sacrifice. Leaving my comfort zone and the path I believed to be the right one, which was being in university, was not easy. However, today I feel very happy with the decision because living abroad and having access to the internet allows me to easily study short-term courses on various subjects to improve my skills in different areas. I have already taken courses in marketing, finance, fashion, public speaking, among others.

4. How did sports become a way of life for you? How do you balance your career as a skater, teacher, and choreographer?

I have been involved in sports since I was a child. I started ballet at the age of 3. I also practiced jazz, basketball, futsal, and rhythmic gymnastics, but at the age of 8, I fell in love with skating. Soon, I started training for competitions and excelled, becoming a teacher and choreographer. I believe that with love for what you do, balancing the demanding routine among so many responsibilities becomes a pleasurable and fulfilling way of life!
Sofia Mir na Hooks Magazine

5. What have been your major achievements as a skater? What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in the sport?

I am a three-time Brazilian champion and have collected over 50 medals. An unforgettable moment in my career as an athlete was a state competition where I won a gold medal in all five categories I competed in. Moreover, it was during the same week as my 15th birthday, and delegations from other cities came together to throw a surprise party for me. Sports go far beyond competition and awards: what truly matters are the values you learn, the friendships you cultivate, and the unique feelings of overcoming challenges, admiration, and limitless passion for what you do.

6. Tell us about your participation in the Miss Universe Andalusia pageant. How was the experience, and what did it mean to be recognized as the second runner-up and have the title of Best Smile?

Receiving these titles among the more than 100 girls who initially competed for the Miss Universe pageant in the southern region of Spain is very gratifying. A beauty pageant goes beyond external appearance. I believe that being an example of beauty means having a genuine smile, a deep gaze, a healthy body and mind, and a higher purpose of touching people's hearts with positive energy and, most importantly, through actions. And with that, I can conclude that I feel my duty, naturally, has been and continues to be fulfilled with much love in my heart!

Sofia Mir na Hooks Magazine

7. How do you balance your career in the beauty industry with philanthropic work? What are the philanthropic projects you've been most involved in, and why are they important to you?

I believe that when we feel we can influence people, we should lead by example with our voice and actions whenever possible. I contribute to society by engaging in philanthropic work. Among the various volunteer projects I have participated in, I would highlight the Trash Hero project, where we clean the beaches in Thailand and educate underprivileged children, and Casa Ángeles of the Global Gift Foundation, where we engage in daily activities with children and young people with special needs in Spain.
Through these projects, I feel that I have learned a lot about respect, values, wisdom, serenity, and, most importantly, empathy. I recommend to everyone that they have the opportunity to experience something like this at least once, as it is transformative!

8. What are your future plans and goals? Can you share a bit about your vision of having your own institution and how you plan to use artistic expression and sports to promote social integration?

I have many personal and professional goals that I prefer to keep secret. However, I can share that one of my great dreams is to establish my own institution focused on social integration for children and young people. Culture, art, and sports will be essential tools because I believe they create bonds, include, and transform lives! I firmly believe that all people, regardless of their differences, should have equal opportunities to dream and become whatever they want to be!
Sofia Mir na Hooks Magazine


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