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Success in the USA, DJ Carol Favaro recalls her first big show of her career: "everything went wrong"

Carol Favaro

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Music has always been present in Carol Favaro's life, but she never imagined she would become a DJ in the USA. In a relaxed chat, the artist reminisces about her journey, from her early attempts to her consecration on international stages.

Carol Favaro

"I always loved music, but I never imagined I would become a DJ," confesses Carol. "I even tried playing the guitar, but it wasn't my vibe," she jokes. The passion for DJing came naturally, driven by DJ friends and the desire to create her own events. "I started playing, organizing my own parties, but I wasn't a professional yet, you know?" she recalls.

Carol Favaro

It was with the support of a special friend, DJ Rodrigo from Orlando, that Carol's career began to take shape. "He helped me a lot in the beginning, gave me tips, and encouraged me to keep going," she says. "After that, things started to flow. I would do the shows, and people would already start cheering: 'Go DJ Carol!'" she reminisces.

One of the most memorable moments of Carol's career was a show in London, during her tour across Europe, for over 1,500 people. "Everything went wrong in this show, my first big show," she reveals. "My computer had a problem, and I was very nervous." But, like any resilient artist, Carol overcame the challenge and turned the night into a memorable success. "Afterwards, everything went well, the music started flowing, and it was a beautiful show," she says.

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