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Thâmara Brandão - The Passion That Stitches the Dream of Fashion


Model: Thâmara Brandão - @thamara.brandao

Photos: Emanuele Jeane - @emanuele_jeane_photographer

Make: Roxana Corciu - @roxanacorciu

Stylist: Emma Giorgia - @emgi_stylist

Design Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Thâmara Brandão, at 32, is more than a model and preschool teacher in sunny Italy; she is an embodiment of the passion that stitches the dream of fashion into her life. Balancing both the classroom and the runways, Thâmara unveils a story that goes beyond appearances.

Since her childhood, Thâmara has been immersed in the world of fashion. At the age of 10, she began sewing under the guidance of her mother, who introduced her to the realm of design. Despite pursuing a different professional path as an educator, the dream of becoming a fashion designer never left her.

Her journey is one of persistence and love for fashion. Even with the responsibilities of her primary profession, Thâmara didn't let her fashion dream fade away.

"I've been sewing since I was 10 years old. My mother, who is now in heaven, taught me. I pursued different paths in my career, but I still live this fashion dream. I can say it won't be something easy, obviously not, but I confess I'm very happy to be privileged as the cover of Hooks. Thank you very much, Thâmara Brandão."

Check out the interview we conducted with Thâmara Brandão:

1. How did you begin your journey in the world of fashion, and what was your first experience as a model with a real stylist?

I learned to sew with my mother at the age of 10 when I received my first Barbie. My passion emerged from there. All my birthdays were organized with fashion shows. I was always a special guest for runway events at school, which I enjoyed a lot because I have always been quite bold. But today, I wanted to start studying fashion design for the dream itself. My first experience as a model happened in Italy. I was on the cover of Formen in March 2021, always accompanied by my photographer, Emanuelle Jean, whom I passionately adore.

2. How do you balance your career as a preschool teacher with your passion for fashion?

I worked many years in the education field. I graduated in pedagogy because I couldn't find a job, but I loved my journey as a preschool teacher. Given that, I didn't study fashion due to financial reasons.

3. Who is your biggest inspiration in the fashion world, and how has she influenced your desire to become a designer?

I believe my inspiration came from my childhood. Today, I dream of studying fashion design, and I only need a few tools to start the course because it's a bit challenging in the beginning, requiring a lot of study and time. But I'm not a woman to give up; I will reach the top. I've been much more inside than outside since I arrived in Milan. I study and explore everything related to fashion, and I will climb to the right target with a lot of patience and tranquility.

4. Could you share a special childhood memory related to sewing that has influenced your passion for fashion design?


5. Do you believe your experiences as a model have influenced your approach as a preschool teacher? If yes, in what way?

I faced a lot of prejudice in my job as a teacher. I was a fitness model and participated in a bodybuilding championship, where I customized my own bikini. I can say that my work as a model is a talent; those who know my story understand how much I love and put care into everything. Working as a model and influencer is an option for today's entertainment. I do a bit of everything; I enjoy working and seizing opportunities.

6. What is your ultimate goal as a fashion designer, and how do you plan to achieve this dream while continuing your career in preschool education?

I believe that to achieve our dreams, we need to overcome various difficulties. I also believe that I will work in other areas because the professional world is a journey of life; the dream continues, but I seek to appreciate everything I have done in my life. Everything I have shared here is very real and dear, but my dream of becoming a fashion designer is revealing itself as a long and rewarding staircase. It's worth sharing this story with the world, and I will tell the final part of this dream. Life is too short to give up.


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