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Wagner Nolasco launches investment fund in the USA with opportunities for Brazilians

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Entrepreneur and real estate investor Wagner Nolasco, with over 20 years of experience in the American market, has just launched a $50 million investment fund, offering blocks of $2.5 million tailored for Brazilians looking to invest in US real estate with a minimum quota of $50,000.

The fund will raise capital in Brazil and utilize these resources to construct blocks of 10 houses each in Florida, which will be sold, generating passive income and asset appreciation for the investors.

"The main differentiators of the project include the real property guarantee provided by the company to the investors, ensuring that their money is always tied to the property, as well as a 90-day timeframe for capital contribution and group closure. After this period, construction begins with the collected funds," explained Nolasco.
He further added, "Parceiros Brasil has income projections for investors in approximately one year and is open to anyone looking to invest and diversify their assets into real estate-related holdings."


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