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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté introduces the new All Hours foundation with skincare technology

Composed of 77% skincare ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, the foundation evens out skin tone, conceals imperfections, and absorbs excess skin oil.

Global ambassador @UrNotChrisLee opts for long-lasting matte yet weightless coverage in ALL HOURS - Photos Disclosure YSL Beauté

Known for its long-lasting performance (24 hours), Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's All Hours foundation arrives in Brazil with an even more innovative formula, composed of 77% skincare ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid. The new foundation provides complete hydration throughout the day and skincare benefits day after day, even after removal.

With a luminous matte finish, All Hours evens out the skin tone, leaving a natural finish, covering imperfections, and absorbing excess skin oil, making it sweat and humidity-proof. To achieve this, YSL Beauté has developed its first Skin-Fusing technology, providing full coverage and maximum comfort. Mineral pigments are encapsulated with an ultra-fine formula, forming a fabric-like structure inspired by skin texture, for full coverage with a natural finish that lasts 24 hours without shine, thanks to neo-skin powder.

In addition to the skin technology, the brand has also expanded its shade range, making it more diverse. Through cutting-edge technology and a spectrophotometer, YSL Beauté has developed an algorithm that scientifically creates the ideal color range in which each skin tone, from light to dark and intermediate, perfectly matches the All Hours foundation shade. The range of shades is also the result of an extensive Global Beauty study with 3,000 participants worldwide.

Reiterating its commitment to the environment and society, throughout the development of the new foundation, YSL Beauté supported the creation of a cooperative consisting of 33 women to cultivate all the plants in the Ourika Community Gardens in Morocco, including the jasmine petals present in the All Hours formula. This social program aims to empower the local residents to promote their financial independence. In addition to creating job opportunities for a women's cooperative, these gardens allow the brand to observe and harvest some of the precious ingredients vital to the composition of its beauty products, tailoring them to YSL's unique heritage. Each raw material is sustainably selected, cultivated, and carefully extracted to meet the strictest standards of efficacy.


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