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“5 minutes applying hairspray” Diego Larez reveals behind-the-scenes tricks to make hair perfect

Celebrity photographer and hairstylist has already produced the likes of J Balvin

Photos: Instagram @diegolarez / CO Press Office

Behind the scenes of a photo requires a lot of preparation not only from the photographer, but also from the model and producer. The hairstylist Diego Larez, for example, said that to do a photoshoot hair, it is necessary to leave the strands completely perfect to use a minimum of Photoshop, and so the photos are more real. “We get to spend about five minutes applying hairspray to the model's hair so that it stays completely still/hard and so we don't need to do any effect on the photo, it looks as natural as possible and very well produced”, he explained.

Diego says that the “healthy hair look” shown in the photos is an illusion for people to understand that perfection exists. “We need to make the photos real, but at the same time, impossible to use in everyday life, because the wires can't be perfectly aligned all the time. Now in a photo, it is possible, yes”.

In one of the behind-the-scenes curiosities, Diego said that he has spent more than 3 hours helping a model to remove the hairspray. “The technique is very tiring, but it works. And after using so much spray, we do an excellent hydration afterwards.”

To avoid irreversible damage to the hair fiber, Diego says that the best alternative, combined with a balanced diet, are prevention treatments. “The models' hair is treated well before the photos, but don't go bald”, jokes the professional.

Diego Larez is an expert in styling and coloring, and began his career at just 18 years old. Today he serves several celebrities, including J Balvin and Austin Mahone. About magazine editorials, Diego signs covers of Vogue and others.


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