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Alessandra Batista: Own Shine in the "STARS" Edition of Hooks Magazine


Photos: @joaocassioph

Design Director: @mathlopes

Welcome to the "STARS" edition of Hooks Magazine, where the shining star of the moment is the incredible Alessandra Batista! This 29 year old Brazilian has not only captured our hearts but is also making waves in the fashion scene with her authentic style.

Who is Alessandra? Besides being a model and digital influencer, she is an entrepreneur, blending charm and strategy with a background in Advertising and Marketing.

In her journey, Alessandra shone on "Legendários," a TV show that had her as a stage assistant for six years, adding her unique charm to interactive segments. Later, she ventured into a vibrant experience as a dancer on "Faustão," another renowned Brazilian television program.

With over 800 thousand followers on Instagram, Alessandra shares her life in a real and inspiring way. Among lively workouts, captivating travels, and everyday moments, she has gained the trust and affection of a true legion of fans.

Certified as a TV and cinema presenter, personal stylist, she brings an incredible energy of a modern woman, balancing her journey with grace and determination.

Check out an exclusive interview with Alessandra Batista:

1. How did your television career start, acting as a stage assistant on the Legendários show and later as a dancer on the Faustão show?

I worked as a model, but I always liked being in front of a camera since I was little. One day, the production team from Record contacted me through Facebook and invited me to audition for the Legendários show. I passed the audition and worked for 6 years, from the beginning to the end of the program. On Legendários, I acted as a stage assistant, participating in interactive segments with the artists. When the show ended, I was a bit sad, but I understood that cycles come to an end.
As a child, I always loved to dance, attracted attention at parties, but my parents couldn't put me in ballet. I did various dance-related jobs, such as fairs and performances at parties, rodeos, among others. I was invited to dance at the Oscar party; my teacher was a choreographer for Faustão, which led me to audition for Globo. Even though I wasn't a professional dancer, I passed the audition and, after obtaining my professional registration, fulfilled my dream of being on the show.

2. How do you balance your roles as a model, digital influencer, and certified professional in various areas, such as TV and cinema presenter, personal stylist, and dancer?

I am imperative and always seeking to learn something new. While working on "Domingão do Faustão" tv show, I received a proposal to work on television program "Zorra Total". I decided to enhance my skills by taking courses in TV and cinema acting, as well as presentation. Although the job at "Zorr"a didn't happen due to a scam, the course was valuable for my career. Next, I took a personal stylist course, which contributed to photoshoots and my everyday life.

3. Can you share a bit about your education in Advertising and Marketing and how these knowledge contribute to your presence on social media?

My college experience was a significant challenge; I paid for tuition on my own and faced prejudice. Graduated in Advertising and Marketing, during my thesis, I experienced discrimination from classmates. I worked to pay for college, but it didn't affect my commitment to the group. I studied hard, presented my thesis, and overcame the obstacles.

4. How did you build and maintain the trust of over 800,000 followers on Instagram? What aspects of your routine do you believe resonate most with your audience?

I gained most of my followers when I entered television. With the help of my marketing degree, I promoted brands and delivered results for advertisers. Currently, I share my healthy lifestyle, fashion tips, and beauty advice.

5. Faced with the diversity of activities you perform, how do you balance your workout routine, entrepreneurship, travel, work, and daily life? What are the challenges and rewards of maintaining this balance?

I see the diversity of activities as an essential choreography. I establish harmony between workouts, travel, work, and my daily life with organization and prioritization. The challenges are constant, but the reward lies in personal growth, experiencing different things, and finding pleasure in balance amid the hustle.


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