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Ana Thomé: model, actress, travel and art lover, tell us a little about her journey here at Hooks!


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Ana Thomé is a young woman from Porto Alegre, model and actress with a promising future, the artist is spiritual and is always in a constant search for learning. She is in the theater, cinema and fashion market, or through the different characteristics and cultures that she gets to know in her travels to other countries.

The beautiful and charismatic young woman is always open to learning and carrying with her a little about each local culture that she has the power to add to her purpose in life.

Ana leads a healthy lifestyle, and currently there is a growing number of people seeking healthy habits. The ease of access to information via the internet and popular profiles on the subject on social networks have contributed to this change. And also diseases such as depression, panic syndrome among others that have worsened in recent times due to stress and a "running" and purposeless routine has made people look for a better quality of life.

Also with the pandemic, many questions have surfaced, and new practices have been adopted by an awakened generation that seeks improvement and connection with the planet. Changes that go far beyond dietary practices, meditation and yoga, but also that bring deep reflections in relation to our planet and the situation it is in, such as conscious consumption for example, because whenever we buy without restraint and that we throw something " outside" there is no outside! There is our planet and thanks to these awakened people, this subject has come up more and more! This is the case of Ana, who makes a point of exposing her consumption practices in the fashion world by going to thrift stores and focusing on quality rather than quantity in her daily life!

We had the opportunity to interview and learn a little more about this young and beautiful artist, who has so much to add! Come with us!

1- Tell us a little more about yourself! Who is Ana Thomé? I'm a mixture of many things. I love and breathe art, in all its forms, cinema, theater, design, fashion, music, dance... In short, everything that allows me to put a little of what exists inside me materialized in the world.

I love learning about spirituality, astrology and the universe, all conspiracy theories are very much of my interest. In my free time I like to read, paint, do yoga and if there's a beach nearby, spend the afternoon enjoying the day while sunbathing. What makes me most happy these days is being able to be with my friends and family and be in touch with nature, hugging a tree every now and then is my kind of therapy.

I feel like a very free person to be able to be who I am and I look for that in my relationships too, both personal and professional. I always say that I live life in "Stand-By mode" because everything can change at any time! We can always plan things, but whatever is meant to happen, will happen. So I try to take life as lightly and positively as possible, being honest with myself and being true to the things I believe and value.

2- You are always looking to broaden your horizons through the different cultures you get to know on your business trips. What impact do you think this adds to your career? I think that adds up in several ways. First, it shows me how people are different, they have different habits and understandings of the world and we need to be open to accepting people the way they are and not how we would like them to be. For example, the way castings take place here in Brazil, Mexico and the United States is completely different and you need to be willing to challenge yourself more and play yourself, without fear of being happy or embarrassing yourself.

The opportunity to live abroad or spend a season in another country brings so many positive things for us, not only professionally, but it makes us grow from the inside out, shows us our vulnerabilities and makes us get to know each other in depth. I've always liked art, and being able to live in different countries has allowed me to be in contact with local art and absorb how much it says about a people and everything they've been through and lived to be the society they are today .

I always try to improve myself and learn from people in the creative field and, for me, art is a constant search and learning process. Nothing is definitive and immutable, everything depends on the point of view and I love that about art, that possibility of seeing both sides of everything.

3- What are the biggest challenges you have faced professionally?

I think the biggest challenge was getting out of the comfort zone, it's like that for any profession, but for those who model and act, it's important to always be renewing yourself and pay attention to your profile and how it fits into the market. Sometimes we need to take a more critical look at ourselves and there is a very fine line between going beyond what is acceptable to keep our mind healthy. We started to shape ourselves according to the market, but we can't let that completely distance us from who we are in essence 4- Whether acting or modeling, you have the gift of transmitting your essence through the lens! I believe that for the constant love and dedication to work! How do you feel when finishing a JOB?

I feel full, complete and accomplished! I think it's a mix of feelings. Whenever I have a photo or recording day, I end the day very happy, excited and uplifted. It's one of the best feelings, knowing that I did a job well done and that I contributed by putting a little bit of myself into creative projects.

5- What do you most admire as a model in the fashion world? And what do you think does not live up to expectations? The fashion market has been changing a lot over the years, it has been working a lot with the diversity of profiles and professionals, in the past you didn't see real people, with real bodies modeling. So what I admire most is this openness that the fashion world has allowed anyone, who is dedicated and committed, to be able to leave their mark on it. I am very happy to see how this market, and the world itself, has evolved in recent times. At the same time, I realize that people have not yet created an awareness of the impact of this market, of the pollution generated. Many people don't know or even don't want to know where everything we discard goes, what is the end of all the things we buy. So I hope people are more aware when buying fashion items, trends come and go… But we are still here and those items we buy without thinking too.

I'm a person who likes quality things, but that doesn't always have to be super expensive brands, I think that good quality and high price is not a rule. I love to search for different items, buy pieces at thrift stores and local stores when I travel. I believe there are still many years ahead of us for us to slow down the way we consume and learn to better deal with this “freedom” where you can have everything at all times.

6- What is your biggest dream? The one you most want to achieve professionally? And how do you move towards it? What a difficult question (laughs), I have so many dreams! I always do them, even if it takes time, if it's really important to me, I'll find a way. At that moment, my professional dream would be to participate in a project on television or in the cinema that is connected with the things I believe and practice in my daily life. And I move towards this by being attentive to the opportunities that life offers me and making things happen, without expecting anything, nothing to fall from the sky. 7- And last but not least: what is your voice? What would you like to shout out to the world if you had the chance?

I think my voice has a lot to do with letting it flow. For me, the beauty of life is the unexpected, it's the magical things that happen when we allow ourselves to evolve, even if it makes you face your darker side, because that's the only way we can become better people. So if I could give someone advice, it would be: Drop everything and go out into the world, without fear, live as if you were going to die, because you will.

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