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Balenciaga Unveils Extravagant Fall 2024 Collection in Los Angeles Debut

Photos disclosure Balenciaga

In a groundbreaking move, Balenciaga set the stage ablaze on December 2nd, 2023, with its Fall 2024 showcase in the heart of Los Angeles, marking the house's first-ever show in the city of angels.

The spotlight of the event was undoubtedly the introduction of the revolutionary 10XL Sneaker, a footwear masterpiece that embraces Balenciaga's distinctive penchant for exaggerated proportions. The sneaker comes in two exclusive colorways – a vibrant yellow/white/blue and a sleek blue/gray/black – promising a bold statement for fashion enthusiasts.

Post-show, a range of exclusive items hit the shelves, captivating the audience with a blend of luxury and collaboration. From leather and paper tote bags to jerseys, caps, and aprons crafted in partnership with Erewhon, the iconic L.A.-based grocery store, the collection seamlessly weaves together high fashion and street-inspired elements.

One standout piece, the Le Cagole Tote XL, adds an extra touch of chic utility to the collection. Complementing the ensemble are the No Logo jersey pieces, embodying a minimalist yet impactful aesthetic.

Balenciaga's foray into high jewellery is equally noteworthy, with a collaboration with Jacob & Co. The designs echo the essence of American youth culture, infusing it with opulence proudly marked as "Made in the USA." Each piece reflects a profound commitment to blending contemporary fashion with timeless elegance.



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