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Brizza announces "Alto Verão" with a campaign starring Anitta and Bruna Marquezine

Arezzo&Co Group's flip flops and sun sandals brand launches models with a fashion attitude and versatility

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São Paulo, November 2022: Alto Verão Brizza announces the solar season with two of the biggest names in Brazil in the world, Anitta and Bruna Marquezine, using the new models of flip flops, sun sandals and accessories that have a fashion attitude and versatility, going from the beach to the party. The Arezzo&Co Group brand assumes prominence in the fashion universe with exclusive designs and brings sun sandals as the highlight of this season.

Flip flops are mostly made of rubber, super colorful and some models have natural straw insoles, while sun sandals come full of fashion information, such as laces and colorful platforms, which make them an essential item for hot days. “We are a fashion brand that brings trends with all the speed and assertiveness of the Arezzo&Co Group. In this campaign, Anitta and Bruna Marquezine bring an image of sophisticated fashion, generating desire, showing the power and positioning of the products”, points out the director of Brizza, Maria Toledo. The campaign photos were taken in Rio de Janeiro and the art direction is once again signed by Giovanni Bianco.

Among the models that will take care of the feet this summer are the Morocco slide, super light, soft and colorful, which appears in the campaign in a range of different colors on Anitta's feet; the sun sandal Lulu, worn by Bruna Marquezine at Festival Pulsar, with an anatomical and comfortable heel, available in vibrant colors, especially pink Barbiecore; the sun sandal Bela with a modern ankle strap and the Sunny, with a flared construction, low heel and anatomical pvc strap. The flip flops, in turn, gained fiber crochet insoles and soft, comfortable soles. The bags appear in crossbody, waist and glossy, water-resistant versions.

This summer, Brizza took over the main travel destinations of the season and opened itinerant pop ups in Recife, Salvador, Fortaleza and Natal. The pieces will also be available for sale at the company's own stores in Trancoso and at Rua Garcia D'Ávila, in Ipanema, at the 450 Arezzo brand stores, at 1,000 points of sale at multi-brand stores throughout Brazil and on e-commerce https://


Creative Director: Giovanni Bianco

Director of Photography: Fernando Young

Photographer: Fernando Tomaz

Beauty: Henrique Martins

Styling: Marcel Maia


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