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Captivating Kasey Bass Takes Center Stage! New Cover


Photographer: Shea Anne - @sheaannephotos

Model agency: @nymmg

Makeup: @lillianandersonmua

Design Director Hooks: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Step into the spotlight with Kasey Bass, our February "Actress" cover star, embodying elegance and artistic boldness. This international sensation dominates both the runways and the silver screen, captivating audiences worldwide.

Based in the United States, Kasey's journey from standout model to versatile actress is marked by her ability to embody diverse roles. From genetically modified assassins to a saloon girl in the Old West, her portfolio leaves a lasting impression.

In the February issue of Hooks Magazine, Kasey offers an exclusive glimpse into her life, highlighting the dynamic synergy between fashion and cinema that defines her career.

Kasey's artistic journey began with her first professional runway show at 15, leading to a brief hiatus during college and a triumphant return to the catwalk. Her unique perspective sees fashion as sculptural art, with each runway providing an opportunity to embody different personas.

Collaborating with renowned designers, such as Jenny Heins, adds an extra layer of excitement to Kasey's modeling journey. This dynamic partnership brings joy and artistic elegance to her runway appearances and custom photoshoots.

Beyond her modeling prowess, Kasey's foray into stunts, inspired by experiences on American Ninja Warrior, adds a unique dimension to her artistic repertoire. Her diverse interests in MMA, aerial acrobatics, and skydiving contribute to her roles as both a graceful model and a dynamic action actress.

Looking ahead, Kasey's schedule is brimming with runway shows at NYFW, Miami Swim Week, and engaging film projects. Holding the title of Miss Bikini US Sky Fitness 2024, she continues to push boundaries.

To experience Kasey's captivating journey, explore her projects on major streaming platforms and follow her on IMDb.

We conducted an exclusive interview with her, which you can check out below:

1: Can you share more about your journey into modeling, from your first professional runway show at 15 to being signed for the first time at 17?

When I returned to runway after focusing on college, it was with Nicolle Dhimes. She was planning a runway show, but covid shut down events like that in the city, so it became a short film. It was a return to runway for me but also an opportunity to work on a set for the first time. I went on to do more commercial print work with her too. I’ve felt very fortunate—I’ve had pretty constant opportunities in modeling. I walked for swim couture shows with the Miss Bikini US Pageant at Miami Swim Week in 2023 and then, my first time casting for NYFW, I was a VIP model for HiTechMODA. That led to walks both with HiTechMODA and Runway 7 and then the Asian LAFW show at LAFW, among many others. I also stay booked as a print model and a spokesmodel in commercials. I just signed with MMG, so I’m looking forward to more of all of it in the biggest market in the US. Most recently, my work as a model has led me to a feature in the MAXIM Australia February 2024 issue and to being pretty booked up for NYFW Season 1. From the beginning, I saw modeling as a set of skills I needed to dedicate myself to learning. I hired other models as trainers in posing and runway, despite my experience, because I wanted to continue to improve and learn. I love playing with movement and space and the techincal side of it all—what kinds of movements work best depending on the clothing you’re wearing and considering the amount of light and the camera’s shutter speed. Also thinking about the difference between 2-dimensional space like posing for a camera and 3-dimensional space like working with a crowd at a runway show that wants that kind of vibe. It’s all this giant juggling act and I love all sides of it.

Nicole Dhimes’s short film:

2: What aspects of fashion attract you the most? How do you see clothing as a form of sculptural art, and how does this perspective influence your modeling?

I started sketching designs as a girl. That soon translated into building my own wardrobe as a teenager from what I could afford at thirft stores while working at an ice cream shop. I’m most attracted to clothing that is playful in color and shape. I see clothing as a form of sculptural art because it feels like an extension of what attracts me to ceramics, an art I practice. I like to throw pottery on my pottery wheel and the way that clay develops through movement—that also feels like what I do as a model. Bring shapes to life through movement. I always ask designers what the spirit of the walk should be. If there’s a word they could use to describe it—what would that be? It helps me channel the feeling of it into how I move. I guess that means I approach fashion as character-creation. Ultimately that’s how I choose my own clothes I wear—what helps me become different versions of myself. We sculpt ourselves through fashion, too.

3: You’ve had the opportunity to work with various designers, such as Jenny Heins. Could you share a particularly fun or memorable experience you’ve had while collaborating with a designer?

Recently I had the opportunity to walk for Jenny Heins Palette in New York at HiTechMODA . Then she designed a bikini for me to wear for my photoshoot with MAXIM Australia. I wore another of her dresses for an episode of American Dream, featuring Graham McTavish, which she hosted. I'm modeling for her again in a few weeks for Season 1 of New York Fashion Week. Being able to model through different events and different looks with the same designer is so much fun--I'm really grateful for the artistic partnership and the opportunity to represent her designs. I frequently work with designers across shows and campaigns—this is also true for Sonal Couture, Inner Be Leaf, and Natalia Yaya. You truly become a team. I’m grateful for that.

4: Your involvement in stunts began after competing on American Ninja Warrior. How do your diverse interests in MMA, circus aerials, skydiving, and more contribute to your work as both a model and a stunt actress?

I’ve become a student of movement through my experiences with stunts. I’m also certified as a personal trainer and nutrition coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I’m interested in how people move and how to optimize that movement. It’s a great combination for modeling. I frequently see the benefits of this combined approach. As a runway model, you work hard to develop grace and fluidity—all of it requires strength and balance. Print modeling sometimes puts you into positions that require overall muscle control and balance. All types of modeling benefit from seeing the body as a tool for expression. The same is true for stunt acting.

5: Looking ahead, you have a busy schedule with NYFW, Miami Swim Week, and various acting projects. What excites you the most about these upcoming opportunities?

I see each runway show and each movie as a team project I get to help build. I love the challenege of performing individually of course, but I’m most looking forward to building great projects with people I greatly admire. People coming together at the top of their game to make amazing art. Also there’s this moment when you’re on a set or a runway that’s challenging and exhilirating and I’m not just not sure there’s any way to top that feeling. I’m lookfing forward to that, too, for sure.

6: For those interested in experiencing your work, where can they find your projects, and what platforms can they use to connect with you? How can we see your work?

My work is streaming on most major platforms. Here are some links to my projects and some ways to connect with me:
I have a 2024 calendar and merch site here:



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