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Carol Bresolin: actress and influencer talks about her career in an interview and cover Celebrities


Stylist: Murilo Mahler

Photo: Diego Nunnes

Press: Black Communication

Cover design: @directorhooks

Carol Bresolin has been an actress since she was a child, with just five years old she was already working as a model, and acting in her first commercial! Graduated in Performing Arts, since the age of 18. Gaúcha, who lives in São Paulo, the actress also works as a digital influencer and has over 20 million followers on social networks.

With some experiences in the area, worth mentioning that Kiss, a telenovela by Miguel Falabella (TV Globo/2012).

The muse is also about to make her film debut in Desapega, a feature with Maisa Silva, Gloria Pires and Marcos Pasquim in the cast.

The comedy/drama is directed by Hsu Chien, with a script by Leandro Matos and collaboration by Gloria Pires.

Carol conquered the public by transmitting positivity and truth in her publications, in addition to showing her life with tips on food, beauty and

personal cares. She also shows more of her lifestyle and is focused on this side of fashion, always showing when she is working out, putting on makeup, or decorating the text. Her role goes far beyond cinema, she bets on influencing and inspiring people.

And for those who are a fan of a passionate romance, Carol is dating actor Ricky Tavares, forming a beautiful couple that draws sighs and makes you a fan of love and cheer for the happiness of both!

We had the opportunity to interview this beauty! Come with us!

1- Carol, first I would like to express the honor of having you with us here at Hooks! You have been an actress since you were a child, you have already recorded films and acted in the soap opera: That Beijo, presented by TV Globo, how did this passion for the small screens come about? The honor is mine. Thank you very much for the invite. I love Hooks, I always follow it and I'm very happy to be part of this edition.

My passion for screens dates back to childhood. In fact, not only for the small screens but, mainly, for the cameras. I was always that super outgoing girl when I saw a camera, so I started working as a model and did my first commercial at the age of 5.

Since then I have always done theater and some campaigns that have connected me more and more with the medium. Today, I can say with conviction that I am passionate about everything that involves interpretation and communication in its different aspects. 2- Currently you also work as a digital influencer, and your content covers several areas, which makes it possible to interact with the public even more. How do you feel about the advancement of social media professionally?

Social media has enabled me to do what I love most for thousands of people: communicate. I feel incredibly grateful to have reached such a large audience and so passionate about my work. And I seek daily more knowledge and learning in order to be more complete each day and add to the lives of those who accompany me.
In fact, I believe that this is one of my purposes: to connect my life and my search for balance to thousands of people who are also in this search, generating identification and collective learning.

3- To date, which character did you most enjoy playing, and what was your biggest challenge? I have a huge passion for Cibele, my character in Desapega, which is going to open in theaters.

It was a milestone in my return to the recording sets and, without a doubt, one of the moments in which I learned the most in my career.

The biggest challenge was also the biggest learning experience. That's because he was playing opposite Glória Pires, Maisa, Mascos Pasquim, Malu Valle, Wagner Santisteban, Polly Marinho and Matheus Costa, all giants in the field. So I was a little afraid at first, of making mistakes, of not being good enough and even getting lost during the recordings. And then came the learning, because in a few hours she was already super friendly with everyone, receiving countless compliments about my performance and, mainly, learning with every second beside them.

It was too important for me. Anxious to see the result. 4- Rumors that you would very much like to participate in the reality show presented by Globo Big Brother Brasil, is this information correct? Proceed! (laughs)

I've always been a big fan of the show, since the first edition. My dream was to turn 18 to be able to apply.

And today, when I have that possibility, I wouldn't think twice about participating.

5- What do you like to show in your content as an influencer? I show a lot about my life, my daily life and everything I learn and have already learned, especially in stories.

In publications, I dedicate myself to showing a little fashion, indications of places to visit and meet, makeup for different occasions, in addition to always being on the trends that I love. 6- And about your film career, what is your biggest dream as an actress? I've always had many dreams as an actress and luckily I've managed to fulfill several.

Today, my dream is to be in a soap opera again with a challenging role and also to make series for streaming. 7- And last but not least: what is your voice? What would you like to shout to the world if given the opportunity?

Follow your dreams. As difficult as it may seem, help your luck to put you at the right time for everything to happen!
Don't give up, don't listen to people who don't want your growth. Change the route if necessary, but get up and run after.
Take care of yourself, your spiritual and fight to be a better human being every day.


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