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Chaline Grazik: The Star Seer Wins International Award

Chaline Grazik was an international highlight at the Top of Mind International, the largest awards event in Europe, held in Portugal on June 1, 2024,

Chaline Grazik/ Publicity Team

Chaline Grazik is already a prominent name in international media, and this award further solidifies her global influence.

Upon winning the award, Chaline expressed her gratitude to her fans: "I am very grateful to my followers who help me evolve every day," she said. She added: "I am proud of everything I have achieved and I love how God takes care of me."

Top of Mind International/ Event Publicity Team

Congratulations, Chay! You are a woman ahead of your time! Businesswoman, mother, and wife, Chaline could not attend the ceremony due to her pregnancy, but she highlighted the importance of her work and the support of her followers.


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