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Colorful jewels give life to the new collection from Life By Vivara, featuring Marina Ruy Barbosa

"Coloré" brings to light the trend of versatile and studded statement jewelry.

Photos courtesy Life By Vivara - Disclosure Index

The ambassador of Life By Vivara, Marina Ruy Barbosa, is the star and creative partner of the new jewelry collection, Coloré, which hits stores this Monday. With vibrant and uplifting hues, the actress and entrepreneur, in collaboration with the brand, conceived the concept of using jewelry to evoke feelings of optimism and happiness.

"This is my twelfth collection with Life, and it couldn't be more special. The team, always very dear to me, gives me the space to express my creative side and collaborate in the ideation and design of the jewelry. Being a long-time partner, I am already deeply connected with the brand's essence and values, and that's why the launches very much reflect my style and the different facets of the women who love Life By Vivara," says Marina.

With a growing focus on the fashion universe, Life has brought the trend of maxi adornments through ear hooks and ear cuffs, jewelry pieces that adorn the ears, creating the illusion of a full piercing and earring look. Considering the versatility of its jewelry, the brand introduces earring designs that allow for various ways of wearing them, with or without pendants, providing consumers with new ways to use the same piece.

Furthermore, they have launched rings, bracelets, and necklaces, including a riviera with studded colorful stones, creating a fun mood for the collection.

With 13 pieces of jewelry, Coloré encompasses diverse models to suit different styles, offering unexpected combinations and options for both day and night.

The collection is available on the brand's e-commerce platform and at selected stores across Brazil.


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