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Dainara Pariz: The Influencer Who Shines in Fashion and Solidarity


Photos: Lucas Kiaw - (@photoskiaw)

Production: Kley Carvalho - (@kleeycarvalho)

Make: Gleyci Sassi - (@gleycisassi)

Hair: Grego - (@ogrego027)

Design Director Hooks: Matheus Lopes - (@mathlopes)

Editor-In-Chief Hooks: Matheus Hooks - (@directorhooks)

Public Relations Hooks: Junior Hayres - (@junior.hayres)

Welcome to the "STARS" edition of Hooks International Magazine, where we explore inspiring stories and personalities that shine with their own light. In this edition, we bring you a story that transcends the world of fashion, a journey of resilience and dedication that has turned into a life mission.

Let's delve into the incredible universe of Dainara Pariz, a true fashion influencer who has taken the fashion scene by storm. With over 4 million followers on social media, she is a top model who stands out in the fashion world.

But Dainara's story goes far beyond that. Since childhood, she has faced Bell's Palsy, a condition that temporarily affects the movements of half of the face. She has overcome this challenge three times, but instead of hiding, she chose to use her fame to raise awareness about this condition.

Dedicated to making a difference, Dainara founded a non-profit organization that provides free treatment to people suffering from the same condition. With the help of Dr. William Ortega, they offer treatment and hope to many.

And it doesn't stop there! Dainara is also an ambassador for Kylie Cosmetics, the brand of Kylie Jenner, one of the most well-known celebrities in the world. It's a partnership that beautifully combines fashion and makeup.

Furthermore, Dainara is a mother to the little Kai and has chosen to raise her child in the countryside of Espírito Santo(Brazil), away from the hustle and bustle of social media, to provide a peaceful and authentic childhood.

Dainara Pariz is an inspiration, showing that fashion and solidarity can go hand in hand with style and elegance.

Check out the interview we conducted with Dainara Pariz for Hooks International Magazine:

1. Your journey as a model and influencer has led you to collaborate with renowned international brands. How would you describe your personal approach to fashion, and what sets you apart on the international stage?

My journey in the fashion world began with a trip to Los Angeles, where I encountered a massive line outside the Supreme store. I must admit that at the time, I found the situation amusing, and I didn't initially understand why so many people were there. I asked some friends and discovered they were waiting for the release of a special collection, the famous "drop." Upon my return to Brazil, I became curious and started researching street culture, which led me into the world of collectible sneakers. Initially, I bought some common models, but I eventually fell in love with rare sneakers.
Furthermore, my ex-boyfriend and I were big fans of Japanese culture, so we began collecting art pieces by Murakami and even ventured into NFTs. Our son is named Kai, and at the beginning, we nicknamed him KaiKai KiKi, which is a reference to Takashi's famous "happy flower." We even took photos of him as a newborn with our adorable stuffed animals. Additionally, I'm a huge fan of punk rock and gothic brands like Chrome Hearts, Rick Owens, and Vivienne Westwood, resulting in a street-style with a touch of high-end punk fashion.

2. How did you deal with Bell's Palsy since childhood, and what motivated you to share your experience on social media?

The experience with facial paralysis was frightening for both me and my family. I suffered from it three times throughout my life, with the first occurrence happening unexpectedly during my childhood. From a young age, I had to learn to cope with hurtful comments and the aftereffects the condition left behind. However, when I faced it for the third time in 2019, I decided not to hide or lower my head. I chose to show that facial paralysis is more common than one might think, breaking down the barriers of fear and helplessness.
It took a year for me to reconnect with myself, another year to forgive myself, and yet another year to understand that all was not lost. During that period, I participated in a series where my character had this condition, and I created videos for YouTube. On one occasion, I had to wear an eye patch due to a corneal abrasion caused by the paralysis, and I took the opportunity to draw an eye on top of it. This made people laugh, and at the same time, I was able to provide advice and help to many.
We founded a non-profit organization that remains active, and we established partnerships with international beauty brands. Currently, even with the aftereffects of facial paralysis, I feel fulfilled and not as a victim but as an example of overcoming challenges.

3. In addition to raising awareness about Bell's Palsy, you also provide free treatment to followers who suffer from this condition. How did the idea of offering this assistance come about?

The idea of creating a non-profit organization came about when I began receiving treatment from Dr. William Ortega. There were moments when I would cry and contemplate giving up, but Dr. William gave me the strength to persevere. The treatment took so long that at times, it felt like I was taking a course (laughs), but it was essential for my recovery.
Today, my face has a new appearance thanks to him. As a result, many of my followers started sending me messages, sharing their stories of dealing with Bell's Palsy. Some of them had been suffering from the condition for over seven years with no improvement. We felt a moral obligation to help: Dr. William with his clinical expertise and me with my motivation. He is one of the most compassionate individuals I know, and we are deeply moved by each patient's progress, as if it were a ray of hope illuminating a previously dark life.
Today, this initiative has evolved into a non-profit organization, in partnership with the Academy of Facial Aesthetics, and Dr. William has become specialized in Bell's Palsy treatment, even traveling to other countries to enhance his expertise. For those who may not know, when the face is paralyzed, one cannot cry, and my first tear after six months came when I learned that the treatment we offered had transformed the life of a hairdresser who had given up on himself, as well as transforming my own life.

4. Can you share more details about the expansion of your non-profit organization in Brazil and future plans to ensure that more people have access to Bell's Palsy treatment?

We are planning to expand the non-profit organization, which is currently based in São Paulo, to cover the entire Brazil. However, we need partners since the treatment is costly and involves the use of botulinum toxin, and we bear those expenses.

5. As the ambassador for Kylie Cosmetics in Brazil, you are involved with one of the most influential beauty brands in the world. How has this partnership influenced your approach to fashion and beauty?

Working with KylieCosmetics is a tremendous honor for me, as I'm a huge fan of the brand. It all began after my participation in a brand launch event in Brazil. Shortly thereafter, KylieCosmetics started following my Instagram profile, which led to an invitation for collaboration. Having the opportunity to work with a brand that values feminine beauty and allows me to be authentic is amazing. I've always preferred using makeup to enhance my natural features rather than hiding or altering them, and KylieCosmetics epitomizes this approach.

6. Being a mother and having a busy career, how do you find the time to ensure that your child has a balanced upbringing with minimal exposure on social media?

I've always chosen not to expose my son too much. Currently, we've decided to create a peaceful environment for him in a small town in the countryside, where my parents live and serve as our primary support network. In this tranquil setting, we can enjoy a simple life in close contact with nature, including agriculture, mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. My son, Kai, lives like any other child, following a routine, spending most of his time at the playground, playing with a ball, and always going barefoot, connecting with the earth. My followers love to see him, and I do share some photos and stories on my social media. However, if he ever decides to maintain a more discreet profile in the future, I see no issue with that choice.


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