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Eduarda Vitti - The Essence of Elegance in Fashion


Photos: Jeniffer Castro - @jeniffercastrofotografia
Hooks Team
Fashion Director: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks
Marketing and Design Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

She is an inspiring woman, who has followed a path full of achievements and triumphs. Eduarda Vitti, stylist and influencer, has won the hearts of thousands of followers with her authenticity and motivational message. Born in a humble background in Rio de Janeiro, she proves that with effort and determination, it is possible to reach the boldest dreams.

Eduarda has captivated us with her unique journey. Always passionate about fashion, she began her career as an entrepreneur with a successful store and showroom. With the pandemic, a new chapter opened in her life, and the opportunity to live in São Paulo allowed her to focus on catering to models with a personalized styling service, using her own collection and creating stunning looks.

But beyond excelling as a stylist, the multifaceted Eduarda Vitti is also a true entrepreneur. As the founder of Vitti & Co, her well-being products company, she found a charming way to blend fashion with motherhood. Her products, with a sophisticated visual identity, bring a delicate and captivating aroma, creating a perfect atmosphere for relaxation and savoring unique moments.

Eduarda is a true testament that it is possible to balance different roles and responsibilities. In addition to her activities as an influencer, stylist, and businesswoman, she is a devoted mother, inspiring and encouraging other moms to face motherhood with elegance and determination. Her message is clear: regardless of life's obstacles, always rise and be the woman you want to be!

Hooks Magazine feels honored to feature Eduarda Vitti as our cover for the "FASHION" edition of July. In this exclusive interview, you will have the opportunity to learn more about her journey, achievements, and challenges, and above all, the remarkable essence of a woman who exudes confidence and authenticity.

Check out the exclusive interview:

1. How did you become an influencer, and what message do you want to convey through your social media?

I never thought that one day I would work as an influencer. However, I realized that I influence a large number of women. I come from a very humble background in RJ, and I've reached where I am with a lot of effort, which has made other women identify with me and the way I fight to achieve my goals.
Message: No matter how many times you fall, always rise! Life is meant for you to stumble; the choice to get up and move forward is yours.

2. Being a stylist is a creative and inspiring profession. How do you balance your identity as a stylist with the world of motherhood?

I have always worked in fashion; I've had a store and showroom. However, after the pandemic, I moved abroad and decided to focus on providing personalized styling services to models in São Paulo, where I create looks using my own collection. I love creating looks that come out of nowhere, and I am unique in everything I do! Motherhood came to unite the world of fashion with being a mom. People used to have a very old-fashioned view of what a MOM should be, but things have changed now. Who said a mom can't keep up with fashion and be elegant and sophisticated?

3. Speaking of motherhood, how does this phase influence your work as a stylist and influencer?

I am an energetic Aries, and my routine is always bustling, as I am a true workaholic! I attend to clients daily as a stylist and manage to balance my life as an influencer seamlessly. Now, in motherhood, even more so, as other moms find inspiration in how I handle pregnancy and understand that it's not a disability; they also draw inspiration from my fashion looks. I am a first-time mom, an entrepreneur, and the owner of Vitti & Co, a well-being products store with a focus on providing a sense of well-being in life, offering natural and high-quality products for the home. I genuinely influence people to lead a healthy life, without any slack. I am married, have my stylist company where we work as a team with a makeup artist and photographer, and I am also currently representing various national brands.

Now, let's explore a little more about your entrepreneurial side.

4. Besides being an influencer and stylist, you are also an entrepreneur. Could you tell us more about your business and how it relates to fashion and motherhood?

Vitti & Co came to life when I realized that life is much more than just coming home and complaining. There's nothing better than arriving home, being greeted by the delightful aroma of our home sprays, lighting a marvelous candle to set a romantic ambiance, and playing music that allows you to forget all your worries. Not to mention our line of floral products, perfect for daily use. My products boast a beautiful and sophisticated visual identity, reflecting their uniqueness, just like me! Some items in the brand feature lavender, which I always recommend to moms in need of relaxation, as well as those with children facing sleep difficulties.

5. Dealing with different roles, such as being an influencer, stylist, and entrepreneur, can be challenging. How do you manage your time to handle all these responsibilities?

Today, I rely on the help of a team. My husband is my partner at Vitti, where he takes care of the entire office and staff. This allows me to be available to attend to my clients during the day or night and also create content as an influencer. I go to bed early and wake up early, which helps me manage my time effectively. I always set aside days where I can take time for myself and focus on my well-being!

6. Throughout your journey as an entrepreneur, what were the greatest challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?

I faced many challenges, such as discrimination due to coming from a humble background. However, I never lowered my head to anyone and always stood my ground. I encountered challenges for being young and it took time for people to trust and believe in my potential. I also faced the challenge of being a WOMAN, often hearing people comment that I wouldn't succeed and that I should pursue something else! Thanks to God, despite coming from a humble family, they always supported me in everything, and their support, along with my husband's belief in me, gave me the strength not to give up! We overcame challenges where we realized that others depend on us, where we needed to gather strength and show that YES, we can achieve anything, and that a woman's place is wherever she chooses to be!

7. Finally, what advice would you give to other mothers who wish to pursue careers as a stylist, influencer, and entrepreneur all at once?

Fashion is passion! I love fashion, dressing well, and seeing my clients satisfied with the results. It gives me strength every day. Entrepreneurship in Brazil is not easy, but we must not give up. We have dreams, and we need to make them come true! And as for being an influencer, here's a tip: "Just start! Because I began without any specific intention, and now people miss me when I don't post a story. You inspire people you don't even know, sometimes with a tip, a ritual, a motivational message, and that can be a starting point in someone's life." You don't need to be the wealthiest or the smartest influencer; you need to be REAL AND BE YOURSELF! In your most authentic way possible. That connects people; realities connect, and challenges connect too, after all, life is not perfect!


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