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Ester Ana: Exploring the World with Style and Passion


Ester Ana

Photos: Alyona Degtyar - @degtyar_alyona

Design Director Hooks: @mathlopes

In this special edition of Hooks Magazine, we bring forth a figure who embodies the essence of adventure, fashion, and a passion for travel. Ester Ana, model and content creator, is the epitome of a life lived to the fullest, where each journey is an opportunity to learn, grow, and inspire.

From a young age, Ester has harbored an insatiable curiosity for diverse cultures and distant stories. Her journey has taken her to magical and unforgettable places, but it is in Bali that Ester found a spiritual home. The island's unique energy, combined with its rich cultural heritage, has left a mark on her heart, inspiring not only her fashion but also her philosophy of life.

For Ester, preparing for a new adventure is not just a matter of logistics; it is a sacred ritual. Before embarking, she surrenders to prayer, finding peace and strength in the conviction that each step of her journey is guided by a divine hand.

While many may view the digital world and a passion for travel as separate realms, for Ester, they intertwine harmoniously. Her adventures around the globe not only enrich her personal life but also provide a constant flow of authentic and inspiring content for her followers, demonstrating that it is possible to live a life filled with style and passion without compromising authenticity.

Ester Ana

Now let's dive into an exclusive interview with Ester:

1: Ester, what inspired you to make travel such an essential part of your lifestyle?

I've always been passionate about culture and history. Since I was little, I've had an insatiable curiosity to explore new places and meet new people. Traveling provides me with unique experiences and the opportunity to experience different ways of life. The independence I gained at a young age also gave me the courage to explore the world. Each trip is an opportunity for learning and personal growth, and I simply love the feeling of being in a new place, absorbing everything it has to offer.

2: Which destination has impacted you the most so far and why?

That's a tough question, but the destination that has impacted me the most so far has been Bali. It was one of my first solo trips, and it allowed me to forge a deep connection with myself. Bali has an incredible energy that helped me rethink my life goals and find inner balance. The local culture, stunning landscapes, and spirituality present in every corner provided me with a transformative experience.

Ester Ana

3: How do you prepare for a new travel adventure? Do you have any special rituals or preparations?

Before any trip, I pray and ask God to bless and protect me during the journey. This gives me peace of mind and confidence that if something doesn't go as planned, it's because it was meant to be that way. Generally, I don't make very strict schedules or detailed plans. I prefer to leave room for surprises and spontaneous experiences upon arrival at the destination. I try to keep my expectations low to allow myself to be surprised by what the place has to offer.

Ester Ana

4: During your travels, what was the most unexpected and surprising experience you had?

One of the most unexpected experiences was during a trip to Thailand when I was invited by a local group to participate in a traditional ceremony. It wasn't in my plans, and I had no idea what to expect, but the warm welcome and cultural richness of the ceremony deeply moved me. This type of unplanned experience is what makes each trip unique and unforgettable.

Ester Ana

5: How do you balance your digital influencer routine with your passion for exploring new places?

The digital world has become so integrated into our daily lives that it's now easier than ever to balance both. Traveling not only enriches my personal life but also provides authentic and inspiring content to share with my followers. The adventures and discoveries I make during my travels fuel my creativity and allow me to create diverse and genuine content that resonates with my audience.

Ester Ana

6: What advice would you give to someone who dreams of traveling as much as you do but hasn't found the courage to take the first step yet?

I would use Plato's allegory of the cave to illustrate my point. In this allegory, people are chained in a cave, seeing only shadows on the wall and believing that this is reality. One day, a person breaks free, discovers the real world outside the cave, and tries to tell others, but they prefer to remain in the shadows. My advice is: step out of the cave. Fear is natural, but the world beyond it is full of opportunities and amazing experiences waiting for you. Take the first step, even if it's small, and you'll see how your perspective and your life can transform.

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