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Explore the World with content creator Jessica Barros: Cover of the 'LONDON' Edition


Photographer: Carlos Moura

Design Director Cover: Matheus Lopes

Editor in Chief: Matheus Hooks

Embark on a unique journey with Jessica Barros, the explorer of exotic destinations and content creator who has captured our hearts. In the special 'LONDON' edition of December in Hooks Magazine, we delve into the fascinating experiences of this passionate traveler.

In our exclusive interview, Jessica revealed the surprising impact of her first trip to Europe, a time when curiosity outweighed the ease of social media. Facing challenges, she built lasting friendships and found her home away from home. An unforgettable box of surprises that shaped her love for exploration.

The excitement reached its peak when Jessica shared her experience at the pyramids of Egypt, turning the pages of the books she studied intensely during her school years into real and profound experiences.

As we discuss her desired future destinations, Jessica reveals her fascination with Japan, the Great Wall of China, and the quest for the unique energy of Bali. A list that reflects her passion for diverse cultures and authentic experiences.

Want to know more about Jessica Barros? Check out the exclusive interview with the content creator below:

1. Jessica, what was the most surprising trip for you so far and why?

The most surprising trip for me was the first time I visited Europe. At that time, there were no social media platforms to peek into what was happening on the other side of the continent, not even the internet. Nevertheless, I followed my intuition, faced challenges, and went beyond what I imagined. I met wonderful people, made friendships that I cherish to this day, and continued to live here. It was an unpredictable box of surprises but unforgettable.

2. Tell us about a unique experience you had in a destination you visited?

It was when I visited the pyramids of Egypt. I was deeply moved because during my school years, I studied the history of the Egyptian people intensely. History was the subject I loved studying the most, and now I understand why. Before, I traveled through books; now, I can live what I studied.

3. What are the top three destinations on your list to visit in the future?

At the top of my list is Japan, for its evolved culture, and the opportunity to visit the Great Wall of China. In the Asian continent, Bali, where I plan to connect with its unique energy.

4. How do you deal with the challenges of balancing the life of a traveler with content creation?

I don't see it as a challenge; on the contrary, I enjoy it a lot. Receiving messages from people who feel present in my travels is gratifying and inspiring. Making the journey a shared experience is thrilling.

5. Is there any culture or tradition that you have experienced during your travels that has left a profound mark on you?

Not yet, but I'm sure I will find something significant on my future list. I am preparing myself psychologically because adventures are part of the show.

6. With so many incredible places already visited, how do you choose the destinations for your upcoming videos or posts?

Destinations come up randomly, but sometimes they are already scheduled. At the beginning of the year, I make a list with trips, projects, and other plans. I look for dates that match a tropical climate since I'm not a fan of the cold, and most destinations are beachy. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a 2024 full of travels and enriching stories because knowledge is the jewel that no one can steal. Happy 2024. Jessica Barros


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