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FARFETCH presents "Love Stories in the Form of a Gift," a Valentine's Day campaign by Leticia Ribeiro

In collaboration with Miu Miu, the campaign explores the romantic universe of gifts as unique expressions of affection and style.

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Each chosen gift is more than just an object; it is an expression of affection that tells a unique story of love and companionship. This is the theme of FARFETCH's Valentine's Day campaign, the leading global platform for the luxury industry. With the tagline "Love Stories in the Form of a Gift," the company teamed up with influencer Letícia Ribeiro and the Italian brand Miu Miu to create a playful and unique campaign.

Entirely digital, the campaign highlights the transformative power of gifts. Letícia Ribeiro, content creator and director, not only stars in the campaign but also conceptualized and directed it, bringing an innovative approach to the Valentine's Day season. In the campaign's central video, viewers are transported to a magical world through a "tunnel of love," where the influencer emerges from a giant FARFETCH gift box, ready to explore and celebrate a romantic universe.

“This campaign is a celebration of the magic of gifts and the love stories they can create. It was an incredible experience to bring this vision to life and combine fashion, romance, and creativity,” Letícia adds.

As part of the communication, FARFETCH also presents a series of content on Instagram and their website, along with two gift guides: one focused on men's items and the other on women's.

With this campaign, FARFETCH further reinforces its commitment to providing a personalized and high-quality shopping experience, ensuring that each piece tells a unique story.


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