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Francine Prado - Meet the successful businesswoman behind one of the largest thrift stores in Brazil


Photos: Naiany Marinho - @naiany_marinho
Makeup: Nicole Eberharte - @nicoleeberharte
Brand: @desapegolegal

Welcome to the "Business" edition of Hooks Magazine! This month, we bring you an inspiring story of entrepreneurship in the fashion industry. With great enthusiasm, we introduce you to Francine Prado, a visionary woman who has turned her passion for fashion into a successful business. As the owner of the renowned thrift store "Desapego Legal," Francine has made a name for herself in the Brazilian fashion scene.

Francine Prado is a determined and creative businesswoman who has found a unique approach to the thrift store market. Her love for fashion and desire to provide a differentiated experience to her customers led her to establish "Desapego Legal," a space where people of all ages and styles can find exclusive and high-quality pieces at affordable prices.

"Desapego Legal" is not just another thrift store. With an innovative approach and empathetic customer service, Francine has gained the trust of renowned clients and celebrities who have found a place to shop with ease and style at her store. Raffa Ucman, Preta Gil, GKay, Mama Castilho, and Flavia Pavanelli are just a few of the personalities who have been enchanted by "Desapego Legal."

Throughout our exclusive interview with Francine, we discovered how she overcame initial challenges and carved out her space in the thrift store market. Her commitment to providing personalized customer service and her relentless pursuit of exclusive and high-quality pieces are just some of the factors that have contributed to the success of "Desapego Legal." Additionally, her well-planned marketing strategies and customer loyalty initiatives have driven the steady growth of the business.

In the full article, you will learn more about Francine Prado's entrepreneurial journey and discover the future plans of "Desapego Legal" to expand its reach and offer even more opportunities to its customers. Get ready to be inspired by a success story that proves dreams can become a reality through entrepreneurship in the fashion industry.

Check out the exclusive interview now:

1. How did the idea of creating "Desapego Legal" come about and what sets it apart from other thrift stores?

It all started in a casual way when I had the intention of selling my child's clothes. I had brought many clothes from a trip, but they became too small before he even had a chance to wear them. That's when I got excited and started selling my own items. Thus, in an unpretentious manner, "Desapego Legal" was born. I strive to treat each sale as if I were fulfilling the dream of every customer.

2. What were the biggest challenges you faced when starting your business and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge was establishing credibility to sell online and finding my space in the second-hand market. Over time, with a lot of hard work and effort, I built a solid business, gaining the loyalty of each customer and supplier.

3. "Desapego Legal" has become a tremendous success. Could you share some of the key factors that have contributed to the growth of your thrift store?

Certainly, in the past two years, we have experienced significant expansion. We have collaborated with suppliers who understand our concept and have become business partners, enabling a wider variety of products in our showroom. Additionally, renowned clients such as Raffa Ucman, Preta Gil, GKay, Mama Castilho, Flavia Pavanelli, and famous singers have played a role in our business growth. We also have a dedicated team that understands our vision and actively contributes to our expansion. Our focus has been on fostering customer loyalty, where our clients become not only customers but also friends.

4. What do you believe sets your thrift store apart from the competition?

As mentioned before, we strive to provide a personalized and humanized customer experience, ensuring that our clients feel secure and comfortable to make repeat purchases. Another distinctive feature is our daily live shops, which foster greater interaction with the audience and instill confidence during the purchasing process.

5. How do you find unique and high-quality pieces to offer your customers?

When we bring our suppliers on board as business partners, it opens up a range of channels for obtaining exclusive products. We also provide our suppliers with the best quotes for their items, valuing their products. This allows us to attract many famous partners, such as GKay, Juju Salimeni, Gabriela Versiani, several football players' wives, Petala Barreiros, Bruna Manzon, Flavia Pavanelli, and others.

6. What marketing strategies do you employ to attract new customers and retain existing ones?

One strategy we use is to position the "Desapego Legal" brand correctly, so that people not only feel satisfied with their purchases but also feel confident recommending the company to others.

7. What are your future plans to expand the reach of "Desapego Legal" and provide more opportunities to your customers?

We have plans to further enhance our successful live sessions. Additionally, we have already begun extending our brand into various niches. We created @desapegolegalkids for children's clothing, @desapegolegalsneakers for sneakers, and @desapegolegalpop for popular handbags.

8. What advice would you give to others who wish to start their own business, especially in the thrift store industry?

Get to know the brands well and stay updated on fashion trends. Dedicate yourself to each customer individually, taking care of them as if they were unique, from the selection of items to the delivery. Remember that the products you sell are a realization of someone's dream.


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