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Global talent diversity in the spotlight at Moscow Fashion Week

Photos Courtesy Moscow Fashion Week - Brand Garda Irene

Against the backdrop of the famous walls of the Kremlin, Moscow Fashion Week, which took place from March 1st to today, March 8th, turns the Russian capital into a beacon for designers and global stars.

Renowned Italian actress Ornella Muti and her multi-talented daughter, Naike Rivelli, were among the celebrities evaluating the fashion on display, along with Turkish actress Gizem Karaca (Safir) and Chinese Lily Ji (Pacific Rim: Uprising), bringing star power from their respective corners of the globe.

Lily Ji

A hallmark of this year's event was the unprecedented participation of designers from 47 Russian regions, a showcase reflecting unparalleled diversity in the country's fashion scene. This unique blend of regional creativity not only attracted foreign fashion designers but also perennially drew famous celebrities to Moscow.

Under the spotlight: standout talents at Fashion Week


pasha raw x mscfw2024

Alexandra Gapanovich, hailing from the cold climates of Murmansk in northern Russia, presented a collection rich in motifs from the northern region. The inspiration for this season—secret childhood compositions—was evident in the nostalgia-filled offerings. Puffy sleeve dresses, ruffled mini skirts, beanies, and floral prints transported attendees back in time.

Gerda Irene

Krutova Kseniya

Moscow-based designer Irina Gerda unveiled a new collection embracing floral designs in colors and prints. The runway bloomed with body-conscious dresses and vintage-style jumpsuits, while transparency and mesh teased modern fabric. Accented with beads, embroidery, and upcycled silk bags, Gerda's ensembles championed craftsmanship heritage.

Maison ESVE

pasha raw x mscfw2024

Aspiring to inaugurate a new icon in grand style, Maison ESVE presented Naike Rivelli, backed by her mother, Ornella Muti, in a show that resonated with 80s glamour. Metals, catsuits, and daring silhouettes culminated in sophisticated black suits and embroidered dresses adorned with hibiscus. Collection accessories—a narrative of fringed beads and flower chokers—complemented the boldness on the runway.

Yana Besfamilnaya

From the Russian industrial city of Perm, Yana Besfamilnaya's designs mirrored the ever-changing urban landscape through eclectic layers and dynamic silhouettes. Her assembly of transparent ensembles, metallic skirts, and variegated miniskirts, juxtaposed with leather, knits, and anoraks, impressed with modernity, finished with a utilitarian touch of ropes and safety pins.


pasha raw x mscfw2024

Alexandra Koryakina-Nikolaeva, from St. Petersburg, through ZA_ZA, narrated the evolution of individuality amidst social influences. Her collection skillfully balanced romantic florals with smooth patent leather. Soft-toned loose dresses were enlivened by voluminous floral accessories, signaling the return of spring. Textured outerwear with accentuated sleeves announced a new definition of shape and texture.

This edition of Moscow Fashion Week, more than ever, positioned itself not only as a fashion exhibition but as a dynamic platform where the multiplicity of Russian regional designs and international trends met celebrity, forging a fusion of trends and talents on the global stage.


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