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Graziella Gonzalez: "Celebrities' Darling," brings innovations along with the most coveted baskets

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Brazil stopped with the enormous repercussion of the Giant Bouquet that singer Maraisa received from a secret admirer. Composed of more than 1,000 Colombian roses, 8 heart-shaped balloons, and a letter, Grazi helped Maraisa's "crush" to create this unforgettable gift that undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the singer forever!

Famous for her impeccable work, Grazi is highly admired by the entire artistic community, not only for the beauty of everything she creates but also for the quality of her products and the immense dedication she puts into each basket.

As a pioneer in giant bouquets in Brazil and worldwide, Graziella brings new innovations to her company every day. Today, Cestas Graziella not only specializes in personalized gift baskets but also offers a wide range of options, including giant bouquets, super-premium luxury boxes, maternity gift boxes, giant teddy bears, corporate gift boxes, invitation boxes, sports-themed gift baskets, chocolate baskets, cold cut baskets, happy hour baskets, snack and beverage baskets, Disney-themed boxes, fitness baskets, romantic surprises, and countless other options limited only by the customer's imagination. Graziella helps create those unforgettable and surprising moments for her clients!

Celebrating special occasions can be challenging for the general commerce, but not for this entrepreneur who is accustomed to handling the high demand and excitement in the bustling city of São Paulo. Each passing year brings a surge in orders, and the production of themed gift baskets is in full swing. With invitations to open franchises across the country, while considering proposals, her store continues to provide uninterrupted service. The online shop operates daily, from 7 in the morning until 8 in the evening.

And if you want to give a gift this upcoming Father's Day, don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible and secure your order! Cestas Graziella brings not only new and exclusive products but also everlasting moments for those who receive them. For all tastes and on every occasion!


WhatsApp: +55 11 94274-1991


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