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With only two years of existence, the GlowShine brand has become a fashion powerhouse in streetwear, with its high-low style, becoming the darling of many celebrities, influencers, musicians and sportsmen. Located in the Jardins district, in São Paulo, the brand considered luxury is made for the street. “Our brand originated with the intention of proving that through a lot of perseverance and battle, it is possible to achieve our goals. And GlowShine is nothing more, nothing less, than the first step taken towards the realization of a dream”, reinforces Evy Dias, founder and creative director of the brand.

With the theme “Heart of the City”, the brand is about to launch its new collection, where the color palette speaks to every corner of the city, especially for its target audience. GlowShine and the city of São Paulo go hand in hand when it comes to plurality, style and attitude, it is a collection made for people who pulse fashion and art in their veins, even in the midst of a concrete conglomerate – São Paulo it's multicultural.

“We want to bring more lightness, colors and fluidity to this collection, we started to connect a lot with São Paulo, the gray days we live in chaos, streetstyle with overlays, luxury with comfort, colors and the affection that summer brings us , the bustle of the city with its full houses, bars and streets surrounded by art and culture. A time when the search for expression and identity may be the biggest trend in the times of GlowShine”, explains the businesswoman.

“Heart of the City” arrives to celebrate self-expression in the name of gender equality, a movement that must never go back - but progress. Ascending from a context of difficulties, the brand continues to cohesively reinforce its concepts - in order to meet this, it proposes a brand that goes beyond the capitalist values of society, GlowShine seeks the intrinsic value of each piece through small-scale production, highlighting the experience , quality and exchange, fundamentals that they believe to be the essence of humanity.

The comfy and cool aspect marks the new collection - the gray of the city of chaos arrives laureate of love that inhabits Sampa bringing the “fresh color” to maintain the balance that the brand values so much. “At the same time that today there is a great democracy of styles, there is a quest to show a concern for gender equality. GlowShine's authentic demeanor is reflected in São Paulo's street styles. The oversized aspect, the balance of the sexy, the coloring of the details and the expressions in each speech and sentence forming the set of factors - art, street, human warmth, equality, style and personality", says Evy about the concept of the new collection.

“We learn to see beauty in the midst of chaos. 'Heart of the City' that fills us with strength, with the money that builds and destroys beautiful things, doors that close, lights that turn on, hands that are spent, looks that promise, people looking for a house, people looking for people, people looking for nothing, five continents stepping on the same sidewalk. Graffiti colors gray and hits social critics. Raising our flag: It is forbidden to forbid. The color that denounces oppression and the underprivileged condition. The new collection is a way of life, the movement that makes art as a social protest mixes the new and the old”, he concludes.


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