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Historic! Pabllo Vittar Becomes the First Drag Queen to Reach Spotify's Global Top 50

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Pabllo Vittar surprises with every move, and today the artist made history in the global music scene by reaching the Global Top 50 on Spotify, becoming the first drag queen to achieve this feat.

Photo Disclosure

The song “Alibi” by Sevdaliza, Pabllo Vittar, and Yseult is dominating the charts and today reached #47 on Spotify Global. PV now has over 6 million monthly listeners on the platform and 12 million followers on Instagram.

It is worth noting that the artist recently released "Batidão Tropical Vol. 2," taking fans on a sonic journey with the rhythms that are a reference and part of the artist's background, in a true celebration of diversity and Brazilian culture.


Sevdaliza, born Sevda Alizadeh, is a 36-year-old Iranian-Dutch artist who began her musical career in 2014. Originally from Tehran, the capital of Iran, she moved to the Netherlands as a refugee, giving her a unique multicultural identity. Throughout her journey, Sevdaliza has faced significant challenges, including being denied a visa to enter the United States during Donald Trump's administration.

Since the start of her career, Sevdaliza has released several EPs and two studio albums, "ISON" (2017) and "SHABRANG" (2020). Her songs, predominantly sung in English, also feature elements of the Persian language, reflecting her rich cultural heritage.

While "Alibi" is currently climbing the charts and gaining popularity, Sevdaliza's biggest success to date is "Ride Or Die, Pt. 2," a collaboration with Villano Antillano and Tokischa. Released in April, this track has accumulated 110 million streams on Spotify, making it the artist's most popular song on the platform. Tokischa, one of the collaborators on the track, previously worked with Luísa Sonza on the song "La Muerte."


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