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Influencer Gustavo Gicovate is successful among celebrities who want to visit Orlando

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With the end of the pandemic officially decreed, the movement of Brazilians to travel to Disney has returned to grow, mainly because the Land of Magic, in Orlando, is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary with many new features and different attractions. Many celebrities also bet on the destination to have fun.

One name is popular among anonymous and famous tourists, Gustavo Gicovate, a tour guide and influencer who is successful on the Internet with his tips on Instagram "Se Liga Orlando".

Among the celebrities who usually rely on Gustavo's services are former BBB Adriana Sant'Anna and husband Rodrigão, Thales Roberto, player Willian and Durval Lelis.

But after all, who is Gustavo from Se Liga Orlando? Gustavo is an expert in the destination and daily helps the more than 150 thousand followers who follow him on instagram giving precious tips, information and lots of fun taking his followers through the lives and stories inside the parks, outlets and tours around Orlando and USA . Gustavo still has a degree in tourism, guide, travel agent and has been working in the tourism market for over 16 years. All knowledge is used to help customers and followers in the best planning for their dreamed trip to the land of magic. Still according to him, the dream doesn't need to be postponed, just rearranged. The behavior of Brazilian tourists has changed, adjusting to the needs of each family so that the trip still takes place.


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