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Influencer Heitor Ximenes creates a project aimed at the well-being of women in Brazil

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Hailing from Porto de Moz in the state of Pará, Heitor Ximenes seeks, through his work on social media, to connect with people and provide content that makes individuals feel a sense of belonging. Alongside Dr. Juliana Risso, the influencer has created the project "Women in Control," which aims to transform women's health in the North and Northeast regions of the country, areas that are clearly overlooked in terms of public policy perspectives on well-being and prevention.

According to Ximenes, the project's mission is to focus on breaking paradigms about women's health, achieving gender equality, and empowering them.

"These women are an immense source of possibilities to explain the fight against prejudices that are ingrained in their own bodies."

The project provides access to quality information about women's intimate health, emotional and psychological well-being, and the dismantling of prejudices about the female body, through social and cultural impact.

"Our biggest dream is that this project liberates these women and encourages them to take care of their own bodies, and that their decisions are made solely by them," said the influencer, who mentioned that he plans to expand the project to all regions of Brazil.

Ximenes has a digital influence approach that, in addition to being active in the artistic world of major events, finds it crucial to generate social impact through his work on the internet.

The influencer also has another project called "Fábrica de Sorrisos" (Smile Factory), where he focuses on collecting new and good-condition toys for donation in his hometown in Pará.


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