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Ingrïd Ä Scherdien: The International Sensation Shining in the Fashion World


Ingrïd Ä Scherdien

Photos and Make: @mouraacarlos

Dress: @ramelleofficial

Design Director Hooks: @mathlopes

Ingrïd Ä Scherdien has become synonymous with elegance and style in the international fashion scene. Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, this 25-year-old Gemini has transcended borders and captivated audiences worldwide with her undeniable talent.

Ingrïd's journey as a model began at the age of 15, guided by the unwavering support of her mother. From her first venture into the world of fashion with Dilson Stein's new faces competition, where models like Gisele Bündchen were discovered, Ingrïd knew she was destined for the fashion world. Her innate charm and grace caught the attention of industry insiders, propelling her into the spotlight and paving the way for her career.

As she honed her craft on the runway, Ingrïd's presence on social media blossomed into a platform for self-expression and connection. With an Instagram feed full of authenticity and creativity, she seamlessly transitioned into the role of a digital influencer, captivating audiences with her unique perspective and engaging content.

The transition from her agency in Rio Grande do Sul to the bustling fashion hubs in Europe presented challenges and opportunities for Ingrïd. She embraced each new experience with unwavering determination, proving that resilience and perseverance are the keys to success in the competitive world of fashion.

The highlights of Ingrïd's new international journey came on the stages of Fashion Week, where she was invited to attend runway shows in Paris and Milan.

Ingrïd Ä Scherdien

Balancing her roles as a model and digital influencer, Ingrïd finds fulfillment in both spheres of her career. Whether she's strutting down the runway or creating engaging content for her online audience, she approaches each endeavor with dedication, leaving a great impression wherever she goes.

Collaborations with renowned brands like @ramelleofficial further elevate Ingrïd's profile, providing her with the opportunity to showcase her impeccable style and sophistication on a global scale.

Ingrïd Ä Scherdien

Check out our exclusive interview with the model:

1: How has your journey been as a model since you were 15, and how did you become a digital influencer?

My mother has always been a big influence on me. She would take my sister and me to participate in everything we were called for. The first time was to participate in a new faces competition by Dilson Stein, who discovered Gisele Bündchen. I had never been on a plane before; it was the first time. So she encouraged everything related to this modeling journey. As for becoming a digital influencer, I think ever since I created my Instagram when I was in school, I gained several followers by always posting everything that was happening around me in my life, and somehow, people found it interesting. I always enjoyed posting photos; I even edited and made my videos with communication, dances on TikTok, and style.

2: What were the challenges and opportunities when moving from the agency in Rio Grande do Sul to work as a model in Italy?

Sometimes I catch myself thinking that if this is happening, it's because it was meant to be. If you really want something, it's because a part of you already lives that reality. Don't give up and be patient; the only impossible dream to achieve is the one you don't try. So, you cultivate your dreams, nurture your skills, and flourish towards your maximum potential. It doesn't matter where you come from, but where you want to go. Challenges will always be there, and it's part of the game of life! But opportunities come when they're meant to be.

Ingrïd Ä Scherdien

3: Can you tell us about your experience at Fashion Week and what it was like to participate in such an important event in the fashion world?

I couldn't believe it when I was there. I arrived in Italy three months ago, and everything happened very quickly. I didn't even have clothes for this event, literally 😂. It was my first time. Fashion Week is a week-long fashion industry event. When I received the invitation from my friend, I was like, "I can't believe I'll be seeing the Philipp Plein show up close with other famous people from the fashion world." It was an incredible night. The feeling was indescribable. Then I went to Fashion Week in Paris. And because my international career is recent, looking at these events up close is a lot of gratitude. There I was in this universe that I always talked about when I was a child. Now, God willing, I'll be in the next ones to walk the runway!

Ingrïd Ä Scherdien

4: How do you balance your career as a model with that of a digital influencer? What are the most rewarding aspects of each of these activities?

Let's say that being a digital influencer is a huge fun. Because it's 100% me and it brings engagement. And that's so cool! It's a market that is only growing. And I'm the boss where I edit and post whatever I want.
And the modeling career, sometimes you arrive from a shoot tired from standing for hours, retouching, doing this, doing that, but when it's over, I already want to post everything on my Instagram. I ask the photographers, and they laugh, "Where are my photos so I can post them on my Instagram right away?" 😂. In both parts, I am very happy and grateful to be doing what I love! Balance in the most natural and smooth way possible because both things are connected.

Ingrïd Ä Scherdien

5: What is the importance of the store you mentioned, which provided your clothes for Fashion Week? How has this partnership influenced your career?

@ramelleofficial is an Italian store that was a partnership that worked out great. I will never forget that it was one of the first to open doors to this fashion world. This store only has wonderful clothes. It's the kind of place where you see the clothes and want them all for yourself! It matched my style very well. On the day of the shoot at the Victorio Emanuelle Gallery in Milan, it was raining heavily. And it was crowded because everyone had come for MFW. And now the result is here! Thank you, Ramelle, for this partnership!

Ingrïd Ä Scherdien

6: Besides your work as a model and influencer, are there any other projects or goals you would like to share with us?

I would like to share with you that everything in my life I used the law of attraction and faith, and that's how I got here. If you believe, you will receive everything you asked for in prayer. Matthew 21:22. I would like to do more projects related to spirituality. I am very connected to that. Few people know about this other side of me. I think it's important for people to know about it. And with me, let's say it was destiny itself. Things were flowing, it wasn't easy, I doubted many times, people said it wouldn't work out for various reasons. And now, here we are!
I'm just starting my career here in Europe, and I know it still requires a lot of dedication! But surely you will still hear a lot about me. Projects that are still to come! Just stay tuned to my Instagram because I post everything! And the focus now is to dedicate myself, have discipline and faith for the next projects shaping my career in 2024.

Ingrïd Ä Scherdien


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