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Interview - Rafa Kalimann joins Maybelline NY squad in Brazil

The squad, which includes prominent figures such as Maisa and Jeniffer Nascimento, now welcomes Rafa Kalimann to promote all products in the brand's portfolio in Brazil.

Credits: Eusébio Mendonça

Maybelline NY has just announced Rafa Kalimann, actress and presenter, to represent the brand's essence in Brazil. With her passion for makeup and unique style, Rafa has captivated millions of fans and followers, showcasing that beauty is for everyone. Her journey in the makeup universe began when she was young and had her first encounter with the brand's iconic mascara, The Colossal Volum, eventually becoming a role model for many. Today, Rafa is the star of the launch of Sky High Cosmic Black, featuring a more intense black pigment.

"It was truly meaningful when I received the invitation to represent Maybelline NY. Makeup, for me, is self-assertion and empowerment. I feel fulfilled to be at the forefront of a brand that speaks to everyone and highlights our best features. Beauty is about leaving our mark on the world in a unique and special way. This partnership has all the potential to succeed!", says Rafa Kalimann.

With a busy schedule of constant filming and intense commitments, Rafa needed a foundation that could ensure flawless coverage for hours on end. Maybelline NY's Super Stay Active Wear proved to be the perfect ally for the star, offering up to 30 hours of durability, high-quality coverage, and resistance to water and sweat.

"It was a moment when I needed a foundation that would provide me with confidence and keep my makeup intact even under the most challenging conditions," Rafa revealed.

"Super Stay Active Wear was the perfect match to help me in this battle, as it made me feel more secure and ready to face any challenge on stage."

The new Super Stay Active Wear foundation comes to update the well-known Super Stay Full Coverage foundation, maintaining the volume while introducing more diversity and benefits. It's available in a range of 16 shades, embracing a diversity of tones and ensuring everyone can find the perfect shade to enhance their unique beauty.

"We are thrilled about this partnership and to take makeup to new heights! Throughout her career, Rafa has won the hearts of thousands with her power and empathy. And now, as an ambassador for Maybelline NY, she will also leave her mark on the world, sharing exclusive tips, tricks, and trends, as well as presenting the incredible new products from the brand," says Belen Torrens, director of Maybelline NY in Brazil.

All products can be tested using the "Maybelline NY Online Makeup Try-On", available at the provided link, assisting in selecting the right foundation shade, concealer, mascara, and lipstick color. For the best results, choose images with good lighting or try the products live through the camera. This innovation reinforces the brand's commitment to technology, bringing another advancement to this segment.


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