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Isabella Cohen - From Brazil to Korea, meet the Brazilian who has been exploring the world

Isabella Cohen is a Brazilian who decided to travel the world and discover new cultures, with that she arrived in South Korea, where she found, as she says, that she identified with the country. We at Hooks International could not fail to invite Isabella for an exclusive interview and international cover, in fact, exploring the world is what the magazine is all about. Joining then with the fashion content that Isabela holds, we form the successful set.

Check now the Brasil Internacional edition cover and exclusive interview, with photos specially taken on the waterfront of Rio de Janeiro, with the theme "MADE IN RIO", showing the beauty of Brazilian women.


Photos: @e_muniz_rj

Model: @isabellacohenborges

1- First of all, we would like to thank you for inviting us to interview Hooks International. At first we would like you to tell us who you are in your vision?

I see myself in the moment of transition, where I begin to see that all the steps I have taken up to now in my life, begin to make real sense, since through these steps my eyes were able to see more about the world and its cultures, and it opened my mind about the actions of the next plans.

2- Its content covers the world of fashion, culture and even travel. How did you arrive at this approach? How it started.

This decision is not something I can describe in a temporal way, since I experience fashion in my day-to-day life and this culture so different from mine, it became too big to fit only inside me, and together, it's so incredible that I went through not finding it fair to have this all to myself, I started to be consumed by this desire to express all of this, first with the people close to me and then with everyone.

3- About travelling, do you currently live in South Korea, do you identify with the country's culture? What attracted you to Korea?

A culture so different from mine, which respected me as a human being, as a woman, which allowed me to be who I was, and in such an easy way to absorb their culture, is something extremely passionate, it was being at home away from home, creating my own home!

4- What is your focus for the future in relation to your career?

Now more mature, with more experience, the plans are starting to stop being plans and become goals, and I have many cool things that I will soon be able to share, you know, secrecy is the soul of the business! But wait, it's really going to be something I like to say: Immersively visionary!

5- About the fashion world, do you have a profile that stands out in fashion, did you always like the area?

One thing I know is, fashion has always been with me since I was a little girl, and always encouraged by two other fantastic women, my mother and my grandmother, and also by friends and professionals in the area, one of whom always told me "more than beauty, you are attitude, an alchemist of human relationships", and being able to move between worlds and social classes gave me the strength to create my identity and use that as fuel, to make fashion my life.

6- Finally, we would like you to leave a message for the readers, something that makes you keep fighting, it could be a sentence or inspiration.

I think that at this moment I can allow myself to say that the support, the encouragement, the opportunities helped me by being a directing compass, but my restlessness, my internal desire to be myself made me make the right choices, because somehow intimately I always knew. Being myself does not make me individualistic, but unique, and the rare is beautiful and striking, I want people to see themselves as unique and singular, irreplaceable in the grandeur of the gift that life is, and thus to be a source of inspiration and transformation for others, a key to free others from their own prisons, with the ultimate goal of being happy!


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