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Isis Valverde stars in the Florestar collection by Lez a Lez

The actress stars in the launch of the urban beach-themed collection for Lunelli's premium women's fashion brand.

Credit: Lez a Lez

One of the most talented actresses of her generation, Isis Valverde is the face of the launch campaign for the Florestar collection by Lez a Lez, the premium women's fashion brand of the Catarinense textile company, Lunelli, arriving in stores this week.

With an urban beach concept in its collections, blending the lightness of nature with the modernity of the city, Lez a Lez chose Isis for her lifestyle, which personifies the Lez a Lez woman: light, modern, and sophisticated.

"I love nature, I love how it connects us to everything, how it makes us feel like an integral part of the universe. Nature takes me back to my childhood. I grew up surrounded by the forest, diving in rivers, waterfalls, with my feet on the ground, always appreciating and honoring the preciousness of our planet. Nature is a part of us. When they told me that the collection would be called Florestar and that it would pay homage to our land, our natural riches, I immediately jumped on board. Lez a Lez and I are building a beautiful partnership, and being the face of this collection is another step in our journey together. I am very happy," says Isis Valverde.


Credit: Lez a Lez

The Florestar collection is inspired by the forests of Brazil, portraying the sophistication of products with natural finishes, lightweight and fluid fabrics that bring elegance and comfort for all occasions. The fauna and flora served as points of inspiration for the creation of print elements, and the predominant colors are those gifted by nature, such as green, red, and caetê, the earthy tones of rivers, tree trunks, and forest soil. It is precisely in the combination of colors and natural elements in the prints that the brand invests, combining tailoring and embroidery in romantic pieces that evoke coziness and tranquility.

The collection will be officially launched at an event for guests on June 26th in São Paulo, at the Lez a Lez store on Oscar Freire Street, where the new pieces will be presented by the entrepreneur and influencer Isa Domingues, who has previously graced the covers of major fashion publications wearing looks from Lez a Lez.

"Lez a Lez always brings true stories to inspire its creations, and for the Florestar collection, we delved into the beauty of Brazilian forests, exploring their nuances, colors, and shapes. To translate all this inspiration into fashion, we brought in Isis Valverde. The campaign was done in São Paulo, in a wonderful, relaxed moment, full of that incredible energy that Isis exudes all the time. I am sure that this partnership will be very important for Lez a Lez," says Edna M. Felipe, Marketing Manager of Lez a Lez.


Credit: Lez a Lez

The brand recently announced the opening of its 36th store in the country, including company-owned and franchise locations. With a sustainable appeal, Lez a Lez was awarded the ABF Sustainable Franchising Excellence seal last year, recognizing its production processes aimed at reducing environmental impacts. One of the highlights is the "Don't turn your back to the world" jeans line, which incorporates processes that minimize environmental impact. The line features Eco Cycle fabric, developed with recycled fibers, saving up to 93% of water during the finishing stage, as well as BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certified cotton.

Moreover, the production of sustainable jeans involves processes that reduce textile waste in nature, with 100% collection of generated volume, and it includes trimmings with lower environmental impact, such as reused leather for waistband labels and buttons, and tags made from recycled materials. Lez a Lez also uses biodegradable packaging to protect its garments.

The Florestar collection pieces can be viewed on Lez a Lez's Instagram profile and are available for purchase in physical stores and on their website.


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