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Ita Mazzutti - An authentic and timeless perspective on Brazilian fashion


Photos: Lucas Brandão @lucasbrando
Beauty: Jessyca Tommasi
Pros. House Mazzutti @housemazzutti
Team Hooks
Fashion Director: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks
Marketing and Design Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Ita Mazzutti, renowned fashion photographer, has achieved a solid career over more than 15 years in the world of photography. With experiences on four continents - Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa - Ita has captured the essence of Brazilian fashion in his digital gallery, capturing portraits of artists, models, and influencers. His journey is characterized by a loyal, courageous, and pioneering spirit that has gained him an increasingly larger audience and impact in the world, building a significant following in the digital era.

Shy, reserved, and critical, getting to know Ita up close is to enter a creative and authentic mind. His photographic style is marked by shadows, warm light, and a classic gaze, expressing the challenges of artistic and social self-acceptance present in his works. His photographs transcend time and the contemporary, naturally conveying the identity of Brazilian fashion and the genuine features of men and women who were born to shine.

With his work featured on numerous covers and editorials of Brazil's top magazines, Ita Mazzutti has emerged from a landscape where the physical meets the digital. In addition to his photography work, the artist also conducts in-person workshops for VIP groups of students, sharing his forward-thinking perspective on trends and his courage to break through any fear.

In this exclusive interview, Ita Mazzutti reveals the challenges faced when directing fashion and advertising photo and video shoots, the importance of artistic and social self-acceptance in his work, his approach to creating authentic and timeless photo shoots, and how he manages to convey the identity of Brazilian fashion through his photographs.

Check out the interview:

1. What are the main challenges you face when directing fashion and advertising photo and video shoots?

"When it comes to advertising, I believe the challenge is to take all the client's references and briefing and put your own identity into the process and the result. It's not always easy to change something or try to alter the initial idea because it's about a brand. But with the collaboration of the entire team and those involved, the exchange of ideas and knowledge can lead to an incredible outcome."

2. How do you approach the creation of photo shoots that convey an authentic and timeless message, regardless of the profile of the model or celebrity involved?

"I love the concept of capturing and creating in the way I believe to be beautiful. For me, this process involves art, beauty, and emotion, going beyond assembling all the references, moods, etc. I believe in photography as pure art, and I rely on feeling something in the moment and trying to create with everything I have in my mind, which I call 'a backdrop of memories'."

3. What is the importance of artistic and social self-acceptance in your photographic work? How do you deal with the challenges associated with this issue?

"I believe that photographers, as well as other artists and professionals, always go through phases. One of them is self-acceptance, understanding your identity, knowing where you excel, but also acknowledging that there are moments of questioning. However, I see this positively because it makes us stop and think, and often that's where we step out of our comfort zone or resolve conflicts of artistic identity."

4. What are the main differences between photographing celebrities and photographing people outside the artistic sphere? Do you adopt different approaches for each of these contexts?

"This is something I like to talk about. People tend to only see my work with models and celebrities and perhaps think that I don't work with anyone outside of that sphere. But I'm always trying to show that it's not the case. I love my work and have a passion for doing it with anyone, and sometimes working with people who are not part of the industry challenges me more and is where I recognize my ability to create something beautiful with all individuals. We can all feel that way, in fact, we should feel beautiful and photogenic, and my job is to convey that through photography, through my art."

5. How do you manage to convey the identity of Brazilian fashion through your photographs? What are the key elements you seek to capture to represent this identity faithfully?

"I am extremely passionate about our country, given the vastness of different cultures, natural beauty, and people. And when it comes to Brazilian fashion, I see it this way: diversity, incredible talent, and amazing professionals. When I have pieces or collections in my hands that I can combine with my photography, whether for a campaign or personal work, it brings value and a result that fulfills me. Transmitting the identity of Brazilian fashion is about passion, love, joy, and beauty."

6. How have your experiences in different continents influenced your artistic vision and photographic style?

"Thanks to my work, I have been to marvelous places that I might not have had the opportunity to visit otherwise. Encountering different cultures allows us to expand our ideas and knowledge socially and visually, and for photography, this is extremely important as we have this plurality in our hands. From a commercial and market perspective, it also helps us understand the various forms of delivery and results with brands and audiences in general."

Ita Mazzutti continues to make his mark in the world of fashion through his creative and authentic vision. With each new challenge, he surpasses himself, utilizing his passion for art and multicultural experience to create works that transcend geographic boundaries and inspire people around the globe. His contribution to Brazilian fashion is undeniable, showcasing to the world the diversity and talent that permeate the country's fashion scene.


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