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Juliana Bacellar - The Boom of Image Consulting: Unveiling the Essence Behind the Trends


Juliana Bacellar

Photographer: Bruno Tomasoni - @brunotomasoni

Make: Paula Algomes - @paulaalgomesbeauty

Hair: Ana Brito @anaabritooficial

If in the past the profession of image consulting was seen as something distant from the general public, more restricted to celebrities, now the scenario is different. The profession has naturally grown in recent years, as people have come to understand more the importance of conveying the correct message in their daily lives - as well as how this impacts our self-esteem - and today it is booming.

Juliana Bacellar
"In these current times, when we are much more present in the online universe than in person, we need to convey the appropriate image to break this lack of contact and connect with those on the other side," says image consultant Juliana Bacellar. "Most people used to think that this market was something frivolous, but in the last 2 years, after the pandemic, demand has doubled," she continues.

Juliana Bacellar

As the co-founder of JB Academy, a school for image consultants, Juliana emphasizes that the web, amidst so many offerings, can mask a person's image. "There's so much 'buy this' and 'do that' that the consumer closes off and no longer knows what they're even acquiring. You buy that piece online, but when you look in the mirror, you don't recognize yourself. We can only have self-esteem when we truly know who we are. We need to stop and understand the lines of our body. It's necessary to know, for example, if that color works for you and discover your style. So, when all this fashion information bombardment comes, you'll be able to filter it all out."

Juliana Bacellar

With 15 years of experience, she has already trained over 5,000 students worldwide. The courses at JB Academy - which she runs alongside her partner, Berta Lia Varaschin, an expert in marketing (the duo also oversees JB Store, a licensed brand of image consulting products, and JB Essencial, a clothing line) - range from basic training to advanced courses for those already working and seeking further improvement, including mentorships and lectures - all available online.

In the modules, there are techniques such as personal coloring, visagism, body type analysis, visual language, and outfit assembly, among others. "I always say that every consultant graduating from the school needs to thoroughly understand the method and apply it to themselves first."

Juliana Bacellar

In addition to the courses, JB Academy - which holds the title of the largest exclusive Brazilian Personal Image school and the only school in the Image Consulting area certified by the International Federation of Image Professionals (FIPI) - also maintains partnerships with names such as Arlindo Grund, Alexandre Taleb, and Professor João Braga.

Juliana Bacellar


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