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Jade Picon is the new face of Pandora in Brazil

Danish jeweler names influencer and actress as brand ambassador

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Pandora, the largest jewelry manufacturer in the world, has just announced Jade Picon as its new ambassador in Brazil. The businesswoman, influencer and actress is the new face of the jewelry store, starring in the brand's next major campaigns on digital and offline channels. Recognized worldwide for its quality jewelry, Pandora manufactures hand-finished jewelry, making each piece produced has a totally unique design.

The partnership was announced through Jade's instagram, a social network on which she communicates with more than 21 million followers. In the photos, the celebrity appears wearing Pandora's iconic charms and bracelets combined with each other, as well as rings, necklaces and earrings in different enamels and textures.

Between Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, Jade has more than 31 million followers, in addition to being the protagonist of Travessia, the current 9 pm soap opera on Globo, in which she gives life to the character Chiara. Jade lives the best moment of her career, establishing herself as one of the most talked about Brazilians of the moment.


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