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Janaina Fernanda Packer: Visionary Leader in Health and Business Management


Janaina Fernanda Packer capa Hooks Magazine

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Janaina Fernanda Packer is a Business Mentor, Leader Coach, Life Coach, and Behavioral Analyst, working in the Health Sector through PACKER Consulting & Training for 16 years. In addition to the aforementioned qualifications, she holds a Master's degree from UFPR, an MBA in Strategic Business Management from FGV, as well as other specializations and complementary training. She is a Lecturer in Postgraduate Programs and Vice President of Mueller Group in Santa Catarina (BR).

Janaina Fernanda Packer capa Hooks Magazine

In an exclusive interview, she tells us about the immeasurable opportunities in her personal development process and career planning. Coming from a small town in Santa Catarina, she discovered what life truly entails after moving to Curitiba and leaving her parents' home. She learned firsthand about the burdens and rewards of her choices. For her, it is necessary to have the maturity to withstand all kinds of "seas." As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor."

Janaina Fernanda Packer capa Hooks Magazine

Jana initially dedicated herself to studying Pharmacy and Biochemistry. No one in her family was in the health sector; instead, they were all in the fields of exact sciences and business management. For her, it was a different calling from what she was accustomed to in her routine. Then came the undergraduate degrees, postgraduate studies, specializations, and focuses on Quality and Research, followed by a Master's degree and teaching, and eventually training in Strategic Business Management. This marked the beginning of the process that has led to her current success in Business Mentoring for companies in the Health Sector.

Janaina Fernanda Packer capa Hooks Magazine

Here are some highlights from our interview:

"You can't reap without sowing, achieve incredible results without investing properly, or delight without understanding. So start by understanding what your client truly needs in order to serve them with excellence. Connect and build a bond before thinking about exceeding expectations and delighting them!"
"Throughout my journey, I felt the pain of colleagues who were amazing at managing their routines but struggled with administration. The excuses were numerous. That's why I pursued this knowledge! Understanding the past, executing the present, and strategically positioning the future with sustainable management adapted to the new context we live in."

Janaina Fernanda Packer capa Hooks Magazine

Specializations and MBAs, along with conversations with professionals, have taught her a lot about the practical aspects of managing small, medium, and large enterprises. As the owner of Packer Consulting and Training, a company focused on professionals and businesses in the health sector, her Business Mentoring Program has been a success, driven by a well-structured career plan devised by a visionary woman who is ahead of her time!

"I understand the pain of a budget that seems never-ending! Questions and reflections are met with great empathy. I am passionate about people. I realized that people are the solution, not the problem."

Janaina Fernanda Packer capa Hooks Magazine

Today, as the Vice President of an incredible group with remarkable and family-oriented collaborators, Jana feels grateful and blessed to be able to embrace each company in a unique and personalized way. Whether a company arrives amidst turbulent seas or calm waters, she will undoubtedly help you applaud the sunset, illuminating your decisions in a well-founded, healthy, consistent, and sustainable manner.

Janaina Fernanda Packer capa Hooks Magazine

Finally, she leaves a message for the readers of Hooks Magazine:

"Show up, do your best, and take your place! Stop fighting for someone else's spot while they take yours! Claim your destined place! Come with me, and let's enjoy learning along the way! You won't be alone in this!"


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