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Jheniffer Costa: A Dazzling Debut in the Fashion World


Photographer: @Savio.foto / Makeup: @felipehiratamakeup

Featured in the November edition of Hooks Magazine BRAZIL, we present Jheniffer Costa, a rising star in the fashion scene. As she embarks on her journey as a model, Jheniffer shared with us a unique blend of excitement and nervousness, describing the fashion world as the gateway to a realm full of possibilities and artistic expression.

Drawing inspiration from icons like Naomi Campbell and Audrey Hepburn, she highlights the determination and elegance of these figures as guiding lights in her journey. Overcoming challenges such as initial shyness, Jheniffer has turned vulnerabilities into strengths, marking an exhilarating turning point in her career.

With ambitious goals, Jheniffer aims to collaborate with renowned designers like Chanel and engage with brands that prioritize diversity and inclusion.

Photographer: @Savio.foto / Makeup: @felipehiratamakeup

Check out now the exclusive interview we conducted with the model:

1- What is the most significant emotion you felt when starting your career as a model and entering the fashion world?

The most significant emotion I felt when starting my career as a model was a mix of excitement and nervousness. Entering the fashion world was like opening the doors to a world of possibilities, full of creativity and artistic expression.

2- Which figures from the fashion and entertainment world serve as your main sources of inspiration?

In the fashion and entertainment world, I have found inspiration in figures like Naomi Campbell and Audrey Hepburn. I deeply admire their determination and elegance, which serve as guides for my own journey.

Personal archive photo

3- Can you share a particularly exciting or challenging moment you've faced during your journey as a model so far?

One of the most challenging moments I faced was when I had to overcome my initial shyness. It was tough at first, but over time, I learned to turn that vulnerability into strength, which turned out to be an exciting turning point for me.

4- What is your preparation like for runway shows or photo shoots? Is there any special routine or ritual you usually follow to get ready?

My preparation for runway shows and photo shoots involves skincare, regular exercise, and practicing poses. Additionally, I try to maintain a positive and relaxed mindset, which helps me stand out during events.

Personal archive photo

5- What are your goals and dreams as a model? Is there any specific designer or brand you aspire to work with in the future?

My goals as a model include working with renowned designers like Chanel and collaborating with brands that value diversity and inclusion. I dream of participating in campaigns that inspire others to embrace their individuality and self-confidence.

6- Could you offer some valuable advice for those who are starting their careers as models, based on your own experiences?

For those starting their careers as models, my advice is to stay true to themselves. Authenticity is the key to standing out in the fashion industry. Also, be willing to learn from every experience, even the challenges, as each obstacle can be an opportunity for growth. Never underestimate the power of persistence and confidence in oneself.

Personal archive photo

Personal archive photo

Personal archive photo


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